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    As an American in Brazil with proficient Portuguese and EFL teaching experience, I am beginning to see more and more students desiring private classes. What would a private teacher charge per hour? Is 40 reals per hour expensive? Is there any advice you all can give me?
    All of my experience up unto the last week was only with privately owned schools and franchises.
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    you have to ask what people in your town are charging, but to me 40 sounds low assuming you have experience.

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    It all depends on which city you are living in. R$40 per hour is extremely cheap in Brasilia, where I live. A native speaker here can charge R$ 140 an hour – and people will pay it. But that’s because there’s a large middle class in Brasilia and they have plenty of $$$. I charge R$120 an hour for a full class and R$90 for conversation. You also need to consider the availability of native speakers in the area. There are not many foreigners in Brasilia, which means you can charge more.
    If you’re talking about Rio then the rate you could charge would probably be lower. In the North East e.g. Salvador, it would be lower still. People just don’t earn as much there. You need to check what the going rate is in your city. Also, if your city is full of native speakers i.e Rio, Recife etc, then it might be more difficult to find and keep students. You might also need to charge less.
    Good luck
    Tiredforeigner2015-03-09 19:10:25

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