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    I’ve seen some old posts in the classified section of Gringoes, placed by schools in Sao Paulo, offering to pay English instructors as much as 80 reals per class taught. Is this genuine, or just a come-on? Why would teaching English in SP pay so much more than any other Brazilian city? In Rio, a native with years of teaching experience would be lucky to be paid half that amount. In smaller cities, like Floripa or Natal, the same resource would be lucky to get paid 20 reals per class. I know the COL in SP is a bit higher, but it’s not THAT much higher than RDJ………

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    It might not be a come-on. I worked for a school that paid me $75 per hour….until they went under.

    I was able to charge between $60-100 when I was on my own but I was an MIE so I had little to no overhead to pay. (100 was for specialized classes like GMAT and TOEFL which I spent a lot of time in training, practice and development of the classes)
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