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    So I am applying for a student visa to go to Fast forward institute in Sao Paolo, from the embassy in Denmark. I filed everything correctly, but for some reason they returned back my documents with a paper stating they needed my bank statement.
    I sent them my bank statement, showing my balance. But apperantly that was not sufficient. I then wrote them an email, what kind of bankstatement they needed. Response was that my funds wasn’t sufficient enough for the 2 months of stay while studying.
    I showed them I have a balance of 9000R.
    So my question is how much is needed to be on the safe side in terms of the balance in your bank statement? I will be living with my GF who has a good job as a nurse, in our apartment we aquired together before I had to leave.
    Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated, as time is running out.

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