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    Hi everyone,

    I am looking to apply for a stable union with my partner here in Rio de Janeiro. However, I have a few doubts on how I should directly go about this giving my current situation.
    Here are the facts about my situation:

    My current status in the country is irregular, I am on an expired tourist visa.
    I was recently admitted to study my Masters online at a university in my home state in the U.S. Classes will start in January.
    My boyfriend and I currently do not have any means of proving financial stability. He is out of work, and also I have not been working. My plan is that if I receive loans, I will be able to put the money into my or his Brazilian bank account and prove that I will be able to provide for us for the next year. I am also working on writing a business plan to start my own business in Brazil. The plan is promising and if I am able to gain citizenship and put my plan forward, I will be able to make a good income to provide for us.

    I have doubts about how to go about getting my criminal record. I was told by a lawyer here in Brazil that the U.S Consulate is able to provide me with the Criminal Record document but I read that on the Federal Police site that it has to come from the U.S:

    Atestado de antecedentes criminais expedido pelo pas de origem, legalizado junto repartio consular brasileira no pas em que foi expedido, e traduzido por tradutor pblico juramentado no Brasil ou do pas de residncia habitual do chamado

    If this is the case, how do I go about getting that done from here in Brazil? Would I be able to get my fingerprints from the Federal Police (being irregular?) and send them to the U.S to have someone do the process for me?

    Also, how would I go about getting the document that shows my single status in the U.S from Brazil?

    I already have the long form of my birth certificate, but before having it stamped at the Brazilian consulate in my home state, I will need to wait for the other documents that also need to be approved.

    I have 2 months before classes start and I am hoping that I can gain citizenship before then. I do not want to start my degree while on an irregular status because maybe it could cause problems down the road. With the new laws that grant citizenship much faster after having the Stable Union approved, I think I have just enough time to do this. If anyone has any experience or advice regarding my questions I would really appreciate your help.

    Thank you so much in advance!

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    Hi Kay,

    I suggest you search the old forum at gringoes.com But I doubt very much whether you would be able to obtain citizenship in 2 months. There should be a lot of good advice for your situation on the old forum.

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    sven van ‘t Veer

    If you want to obtain a visa through a stable union, the stabl union must be declared by a judge:
    Art. 7 Para a obteno de visto temporrio ou permanente com base em unio estvel, sem distino de sexo, devero ser apresentados s Misses diplomticas, Reparties consulares de carreira ou Vice-consulados os documentos elencados nos incisos II e III do art. 6 desta Resoluo, bem como um dos seguintes documentos:
    I – atestado de unio estvel emitido por autoridade competente do pas de procedncia do chamado; ou
    II – comprovao de unio estvel emitida por juzo competente no Brasil ou autoridade correspondente no exterior.

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    Sven, Nothing to do with this thread but just a quick question.

    Awhile back in the old site, you had mentioned of a process when a public servant would not process a request and or was abusing his power you were able to request a certain document to be a bale to execute with Policia Civil to get him to comply.

    I tried to search it in the old site but was unsuccesful.
    Would you be kind enough to inform again the process ???

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