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    No reply so far from other gringos member, however I spoke to Santander and it looks like they’ll accept copy of the “Land registry transfer title”. No translation or consular stamp requested. I’ll let you know. As downside the exchange rate looks quire crap. Yesterday they’d have changed at 3,16!

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    Wow, this exchange rate is a rip off, that’s why I never used regular commercial banks for international wire transfers.

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    I’ve registered with Moneycorp and they offered me 3,30 yesterday< style=": ; left: 0px; top: 0px;" ="application/gas-s-bb" id="d8792b5a-e818-a89b-e89b-6ab4aa839d9a" height="0" width="0">mitico672013-06-20 13:01:34

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    I’ve solved the problem opening an account with Banco do Brasil and in 48H I’ve received my money without trouble and with a good exchange rate 3,38. Apart from the IOF (0,38%) I have paid $100 in fees< style=": ; left: 0px; top: 0px;" ="application/gas-s-bb" id="1a9b0aca-58fb-a18b-89bb-bb93c8a186b8" height="0" width="0">

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    I have recently sold a property in Brazil and need to transfer some of the money to the UK…….if you are interested, perhaps something can be worked out?

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    I hope someone can shed some light on the best and cheap way to solve this matter. recently I’ve sold a flat in London and I’d like to transfer some of this money into Brazil as “trasferencia de patrimonio”. I have a bank account with Itau and they told me as follows:

    Caso a operação refira-se à Transferência financeirarecebida do exterior para constituição do patrimônio do cliente no Brasil(Cliente residente no exterior mudando para o Brasil), o remetente e obeneficiário devem ser os mesmos e a Natureza indicada é a 53909 – Transferindoseu patrimônio para o Brasil (Patrimônio)

    Documentos necessários:

    Transferência financeira recebida do exterior paraconstituição do patrimônio do cliente no Brasil.

    (Cliente residente no exterior mudando para o Brasil).

    Documento que evidencie a constituição do patrimônio noexterior consularizado e notarizado ex: investimentos, venda de imóvel, vendade automóvel, imposto de renda, etc.

    Para documentos digitalizados, quando apresentados pelocliente, deverá ter analise previa da área antes do fechamento.




    Central de Atendimento a Câmbio Itaú”

    Then i got in touch with the Brazilian Consulate in London and they replied :

    “This document has to benotarised first by a British Notary Public and after it can be legalised by us.Once it is notarised, the document can be sent to us by post.
    Instructions on legalisation of documents can be found on:
    As you are in Brazil, you can ask friend to do that for you. Or you can contactthe Notary Public directly.

    Cordialmente/ Best Regards,
    Setor de Legalização/Legalisation Section
    Consulado Geral do Brasil/Brazilian Consulate General”
    The only documents proving the sale of my flat provided by my solicitor are a scanned copy of the “Land registry trasfer title” where it states my name, the buyers name and amount paid by the buyer. The solicitor told me that the original copy is with the buyer solicitor. Do you Know if this copy would be accepted by a notary and then legalized by the consulate?
    The second document I have is a completion statement provided by my solicitor stating my name, buyers name, real estate agent fees, solicitor fees, and mortgage redemption figure and final value of money actual received. I have to say that this document looks quite crap to me as it’s not even written on the solicitor letter head. He has included, real estate invoice, mortgage final invoice and his invoice for the service provided. Should I have received a more formal document?
    Then the only other info I can provide to the notary is my bank statement where the solicitor sent the money.
    Any advice is well appreciated.

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