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    I would just like to share my experience in moving my stuff from Germany to Brasil by post:

    Received my permanent visa based on marriage and entered Brasil the first time in July 2013. I was aware about the time slot of 3 month before and 6 month after the first entry.
    Container was never an option, as we already bought the big home appliances (dishwasher, washdryer, fridge) in SP and european appliances can be difficult due to the different frequency.
    So we tried sending it buy post, for the beginning just 2 boxes in May, before going to brazil. One with books, which should be tax-free, and one with new household goods (bean-to-cup coffeemaker), computer flatscreen, new sneakers. Just to see. They both went by german post, standard service, but insurance. Limit is 120x60x60 cm, 31,5 kg. I took the original boxes and wrapped them with bubble plastic. The big box (most times i used 80 x60 x 60cm) was made of 7cm thick 2-wave-carton, really sturdy.
    We always put a lot of documents inside and outside of the box: copy of relevant passport pages, list of content en/pt, CPF, electricity bill, RG of my wife, letter explaining that the content is moving goods and due to this it is tax-free. We even put the original text of the law/ guidelines, just in case they forgotWink.
    Those first 2 boxes arrived quite well and have not been opened by RFB. Took between 3-5 weeks. Especially my wife was surprised, Correios must have a bad reputation.
    Regarding packing: Post says in their T&C that there has to be like 5 cm of buffer material between the box and the content. And they are right. Do not try to save money on tape and wrapping, it does not pay off.
    As these boxes are with insurance, we always put the real value on the list of content.
    No damage, no theft in any of the 18 boxes. At the last one, which arrived after the import slot, RFB charged 700 BRL based on some crazy calculation. But i am ok with it as the rest went through without taxes.
    For us, sending the stuff be post has been the best choice. Too much for the plane, not enough for a container. They delivered it to our flat, which is really great.
    All took between 2-6weeks to get delivered. Online tracking works well. It is always good to have an eye on where the boxes are. Avoid christmas time. Massive backlog at post and RFB, and less flights.
    With wrapping stuff, i would estimate the cost of one box at around 100â‚Äö¬¨. Cheaper than an extra suitcase on the plane. Plus some stuff to make packing easier, like a platform scale.
    No corrupt custom or broker to payLOL.

    WilliButz2014-01-26 02:09:08

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    Price seems cheap to ship, though Id be shipping from US so maybe it depends. I’m looking at bringing personal belongings with me on the place. Would end up around $180/bag ($30 action packer + $150 bag fee). Not sure if additional documents are needed besides the protocolo I would receive at the consulate before travel.

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    Try too look at Delta… as far as i remember they charge 75 USD for bag 3-10

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    American, as of Dec 31, was charging the same fee. 70 pound limit as well, which is really hard to hit in a normal suitcase!

    When we moved we shipped my books through post (media rate, through USPS), it was fine, except the boxes did not come to my home, I had to go to the central post office and pick them up (we were told correios did not deliver boxes over a certain weight- Sedex would but not normal mail).
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    [QUOTE=WilliButz]Try too look at Delta… as far as i remember they charge 75 USD for bag 3-10[/QUOTE]
    Unfortunately, we have to go through United – they are the only airline that will take a dog of my size (70lbs) without it going as cargo ($$$). I suppose one of us could go with the dog, the other does on a separate flight to cut down on costs, assuming that is an option (I’m the one who would have the paperwork on moving, though I guess that applies to us both, right?). Flying separately, though, could be a logistics issue if one flight is delayed, etc.

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    Delta is $200/bag beginning with the 3rd checked.
    United is $150-200/bag beginning with the 3rd. During winter months, only 3 excess checked bags are allowed when traveling through/from/to GIG or GRU.

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    [QUOTE=WilliButz]Delta is still 75 USD. [/QUOTE]
    Yea, you’re right. And, it appears there is no max requirement unlike other airlines during embargo periods (another plus).

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    Thank you for sharing Willibutz!

    I am currently in the same situation. I am a Dane who have been living in Brazil two years on a temporary work visa. I recently married a Brazilia and now I have a permanent visa. This should allow me to move my stuff from Denmark to Brazil tax free.. I have around four big boxes (apr. 200kg) and some furniture. Not a lot..
    The moving companies are crazy expensive so your post comes as a wellcome input.. Having the stuff stored in Santos while the moving company does custom clearance amounted to USD 4.000 alone!! Then an additional $2.000 to have the stuff moved from santos to Sao Paulo.. Pretty crazy!
    Willibutz, did you send your packages trough regular post such as deutsche post? Do you know if it is possible to send furniture as well?
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    Yes, i used Deutsche Post /DHL.
    Size is limited to 120x60x60 cm.
    Weight is limited to 32kg.
    No oversize shipmennts allowed.
    Put as much documents on the boxes to explain your migrant status.

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    18 boxes at about $100 euro, $2200 extra + $300 for the random taxes on one. The fact that you didn’t lose anything, or weren’t taxed more often isn’t something that I wouldn’t count on.

    We just shipped a 40′ container from the US, which had to go over land from Recife to Natal (not that far but an added step) and the whole process cost about $10K usd, including a few extra fees we ended up apying.
    If you tell them you don’t want them to pack, or do any broker work, it will suddenly get a lot cheaper. The broker + port fees was about 3K, 2 minimum wages for the broker, and the rest was port fees that were broken down for us. I think the 20′ was about $1K less. So the difference for you would have been about $6500 USD, and you could have brought everything with you, even if half the container was empty.
    There are apparently some companies that will do partial containers, although Im not sure how that works out.
    If you had lost just one box, or been charged on 2-3 other boxes, the numbers would be much closer.
    Container looks very expensive from the outset, but once you add in all these little fees, the extra to get essentially 20′ of extra space is pretty minimal.
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    @jkennedy: where did you get that 2200 from?
    All together, it was about 18 x 100â‚Äö¬¨ + 700R$ =2000â‚Äö¬¨.
    Far cheaper than a container for 10k USD.
    As said, for my situation it was the best, as I had no fix moving day… It was quite relaxed packing one box per week.
    Sure, if one base a house to furnish, a container full of stuff from Home depot or IKEA makes sense…

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    Are you talking about containers when you move to Brazil, or are these containers after you have already moved here – a proper ‘import’?

    I have not really thought about bringing a second container of ‘personal’ goods into Brazil, but would almost be worth going to Miami/Europe and unpacking my purchases and re-packing them into a container..

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    I was talking about a personal container, which you might be able to do cheaper yourself if you did everything yourself. I’m not sure you need a moving company. Just a truck to bring you the the container, and then a truck to deliver it on the other end.

    I think you have a year after you move to Brazil to do the personal container? Loading it up in Miami would be pretty easy! But you would still need time. Even buying 20′ worth of goods and repacking them will take you quite awhile! It’s amazing how much space 20′ is, both in how much space it has, and how little space it has! You can fit an enormous amount of stuff in there, but you’ll fill it up pretty quickly too.
    We basically picked up a huge amount of home furnishings the last year, including tools, gardening supplies, and outdoor supplies, even though we were in an apartment at the time :) They are probably some of our most used items we have now!
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    I also shipped personal belongings by regular mail (spanish correos) and all four boxes arrived fine within 4-6 weeks. Around 30 kg each, mostly clothes, books and small electronics. The boxes had not been opened.

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    Marc Maserati

    We paid 1850 USD in excess baggage fees travelling to Brazil with 14 action packer containers, 8 bags, 2 cats and 2 bikes. In out situation paying 10K for the container and paying for storage broker fees was not an option as we moved here on our own dime. We brought back another 5 boxes 6 months later…no one cared to even look inside once we arrived at GRU but we received a nice love note from Uncle Sam in every one!

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    Thieves and rogues. DHL simply puts your goods in the local mail when it arrives, so save yourself a lot of money and just use the mail service, and also be prepared to lose the lot as they rifle through everything looking for things to steal.
    Good luck.
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    I will be going back to Madrid to sell items I have in storage and then was thinking the items I wish to take I would pay extra for “additional baggage” on the return flight to Rio, but I’m curious how much you paid per box to send via Spanish Correos weighing 30kg each! Says you sent regular mail but did you send with any type of insurance or anything?
    As additional baggage with Iberia airline I will pay 120 Euros per box

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    Not sure if you’ve purchased your ticket already, but I would look at other airlines. Might cost you a bit more, but you might make up the difference in lower cost bags.

    Also look to bring back via baggage big light and fluffy items, which you’ll pay a fortune to the correos due to size, and heavy dense items, which you’ll pay a lot to the correos as well. If you mix/match those in your airline bags, you might get a decent amount back.
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    If one is moving from a place that has a sizable Brazilian community (we moved to Brazil from Florida), then consider renting out some space in the container. This may be frowned upon or illegal, IDK. However, we were able to pay for most of our move by placing an add in the paper and charging others to add their boxes to the container we were using. Since it has been a few years I don’t recall the exact numbers, but I think we charged around $150 a box (and these were large sturdy moving boxes). We charged half up front and then the other half when they came to pick up there items at our home in Brazil. If one does this, make sure that they (your customer) leave a document with a list of the contents. It was really irritating to have to go through a few boxes that were not marked to take an inventory for customs and then repack the box. Also keep track of how many of certain items you have. For example 6 microwaves or 9 bikes may cause some issues. Fortunately for us, the process went smoothly. Our move was in December, we paid a little extra to the broker we were using and were able to get our container out of the port within a couple of days and just before the holiday period. I probably posted a more detailed account of the costs and timeline around January 2012.

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    You need to be careful with those boxes, because you never know when someone might pack something illegal and/or something you didn’t notice, like spices or food items. And you don’t want them to pack things new in the box either. But definitely a good way to go, and 20 of those boxes would definitely lower your pricing without taking up much room.

    Definitely go through every box to verify what is in there if you go this route, and let them know what they can’t send, because more than 2 microwaves is likely to cause issues. Maybe not if they’re just listed as kitchen items. $150 isn’t too bad, I figured it cost $5 per square foot to move, or 2400sq/f cost around $10,000 for us last year. We got several quotes and that was the lowest, about 1K to the broker, 2K to the port and 7K to the moving company to get the container, ship it and bring it to our house. A little high on the container side I thought, but we couldn’t find anyone else lower.
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