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    Has anybody here used http://www.saopauloflat.com/to find a place in SP? Is using a service such as that one a good idea? We’ve lived in Brazil for a year already, but not in SP.
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    They run an aggregator andf used to sponsor gringoes.com for a while with adspace.
    They basically want you to pay them a commission. Normally it is the owner of the apartment who pays the commission. If you are looking for a place to stay you can save money if you look around and find these same flats on your own.
    But if you don’t know where to start in a foreign country, don’t speak the language, and if you are conscious of the value of your time, then saopauloflat.com is a good option. They have already done the legwork and found the apartments. Just be aware that you pay for the convenience.
    We had one of our properties for rent a while back but it is currently occupied and thus off the market. However, there are lots of places to start. I won’t recommend one over the over and am not affiliated with anyone, but it helps a lot if you speak Portuguese.

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    The point with Ventrance fee” is more about Sao Paulo than Sao Paulo Flat. In Sao Paulo short term agencies charging entrance fee (600-800R$), or they increase value of their rent with entrance costs. For sure Sao Paulo Flat got largest offer in SP.slowson2015-07-15 12:21:08

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    My wife has been dealing with these guys and it’s been difficult to say the least. The rep, whom I won’t mention is flaky at best. Also the terms of agreement changes all the time.

    Just today they told her that no utilities can be paid in her name, which makes it pretty much useless because she needs utility bills in her name to show her residency record.
    Anyway I am getting familiar with the rules of these agencies and renters. It’s nothing like Japan or USA. If the rep had a good day, the person will help. If not, they could care less.
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    It’s more about landlords than agencies. Each landlord setup rules like if allow to pay utility bills, and they keep changing their mind about things.

    The market is SP working very strange way, its very different to rest of the world.
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    Thanks for the info. You are right, it seems the owners just make up the rules and prices. We got quoted one price and as soon as he saw my wife was a gringo, prices went up. LOL

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