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    Hello everyone – great forum, great site! My wife and I are travelling to Sao Paulo for a cruise out of Santos,about 90km away. Strangely, the cruise line does not providetransfers (they do for every other port in the world exceptSantos!). We would like to hire a taxi to take us to the ship – plus come back aweek later to take us to the airport. I know a little French andshe knows a bit of Spanish, but as for Portuguese we know none. Do you know of a great taxi driver or even a limo (if it is not tooexpensive) that would work with us? From what I cantell,the fare to Santos should be around R150 or $50. Thank you, George Durham, NC

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    Hi, When are you planning on going cause I know some people that go there often and could give you a ride? (safely of course). The best option is to not just get a random taxi but find a company that will take you there for a special fare. There is one called Expresso Luxo (red cab that goes from Sao Paulo to Santos every hour from 7am till 9pm) and will probably be about R$30 (USD 10) per person (and may include other people in the cab too). Leaves from the main bus station in SP or an executive service from the Int. airport. Problem is you need to book – and will need to call them (and I‘m guessing they only speak Portuguese :-/ ) But get back to me because you may just get a ride for free! Sian

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    Hi,I am Brazilian and sadly I can’t help about the taxi issue cause I am from Rio…I dunno Sao Paulo but tell your wife to speak spanish slowly to the driver, the langauge is very similar they may understand.Sometimes even english they understand but u gotta really speak slow and when it’s possible try to make kind of signals with your hands so that they can understand better what u wanna say…it always help.Good luck!!

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