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    Any of you out there like the Samba? I don’t really mean one branch or genre in specific, any samba will do.
    If so, where do you go to see it played live? Do you know anyone who plays in a band? Where in your city can one go to see shows and concerts?
    Thanks.usaalltheway2013-04-11 23:01:41

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    I am big in to samba. What city do you live in?

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    My (ex-)namoradinha once insisted that Raça Negra classifies as Samba, and I was incredulous, but don’t know better. I like them.
    I also like the little samba band on the beach, or just samba jam sessions by the neighbors outside on a Friday night. They have these little guitars a bit of drumming and off it goes.
    I liken Samba in Brazil to Blues in the US for its ease of jamming it ad hoc and creating lyrics ad hoc.
    I also like the avant guarde jazzy Bossa Nova Samba, como Samba de Uma Nota So type of thing.
    I run into one of these kinds of Samba many times when I’m in Brazil.
    PS: of course there is also the carnaval Samba with much drumming and whistling, I never saw that live.Squiddie2013-06-08 11:05:38

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    I envy that you can listen and watch the Samba in BrazilBig smile


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    I envy that you can listen and watch the Polka in PolandBig smile

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    S Bibb

    there are probably as many kinds of samba as you can classify rock or jazz.
    squiddie’s raìßa negra’s music, at least among cariocas i know, is considered pagode, what i call the “top 40s” of brasilian music on the radio.
    rodas de samba, best heard at various bars/botequims/clubs, are usually a circle or semi-circle of musicians singing and playing the greatest hits of sambas over the decades. among them are the most popular carnaval sambas that have endured. the base instruments are guitar(s), cavaquinho(s), surdo, pandeiro, repique de mão and other hand instruments like reco-reco, agogo e afoxì©.
    the most easily distinguished samba is the samba enredo, songs composed specifically for a carnaval procession. distinguished by a cacophony of drums – surdos, caixas, tarols. but again, some of the best carnaval sambas are memorialized in smaller settings at rodas de samba years later.
    at smaller, more intimate or more special events, you can find a kind of elevated roda de samba in which the same small circle of musicians perform less popularized, but no less important, sambas by celebrated composers. sometimes clarinet or flute is added to the circle.
    i’ve yet to discern the difference between the sambas played by raìßa negra, grupo revelaìßão and others, and sambas played in smaller venues. i only know that my friends like certain kinds of sambas and don’t like others. and within the larger category of “samba,” there are more specific types of than i could name or even know of yet – partido alto, for example, identified by the base rhythm and, more important, the pattern played on pandeiro.
    then, of course, there’s mpb, which can cross into all kinds of samba, even samba enredo.
    if you’re in rio, i can recommend at least five stops:
    rioscenarium, with all kinds of “samba,” rated by some global magazines as one of the coolest clubs in the world. it was originally a museum of antiques, and the owner would rent out period items for films. now it’s a three- or four-level club, surrounded by antiques. the music’s great, food’s great and more than your eye can drink in on one trip.
    teatro rival, which hosts one of the best feijoada saturdays, third saturday every month. food’s by tia surica, madrinha of portela, and a crew from portela provides the music while everyone stuffs their faces. great house party on a saturday afternoon. 30 reais well-spent. on other nights, one of the nicest clubs in rio, with a variety of acts. a show by leny andrade (bossa/jazz), who’s getting up in age, mustn’t be missed. she’s the sarah vaughan of bossa.
    bip bip, an odd little neighborhood bar where musicians are royalty, and once the table of players fills up inside, there’s no room left except against the wall. get there early for a table outside, or stand on the sidewalk with the rest of the crowd. warning: this place is all about the music, and owner alfredinho doesn’t tolerate talking when the musicians are playing. he’ll waste no time admonishing you to shut up and respect the music. he’s been preserving old-school samba for 45 years at that spot. luminaries drop in without notice.
    gema da carioca, another place where brasilians go for the real deal. samba in all its flavors.
    semente, a venue with plenty of character and where musicians go to hear other musicians. a variety of music.
    a sixth place i can recommend, though it’s in a rather dark, isolated area until the port redevelopment is done, is trapiche gamboa. food’s wonderful, and it’s another place where the music is “the truth,” whether one kind of samba or another.
    ultimately, wherever you go, there’ll be some crossover. it’s not uncommon for brasilian artists to pay homage to the old songs, and even on popular-music recordings they often dedicate one track to a traditional samba.
    if you want to hear the most popular of the popular “sambas” (not pagode), i recommend the cds “samba de raiz,” volumes 1 to 3. i learned the lyrics to many of those songs and happily join in singing with everyone else in the clubs. i can’t remember who the players are, but they may be from the group “fundo de quintal,” which also has a great collection of cds.
    and here’s where to find the lyrics: http: // letras. mus. br/
    disclaimer: i’m no expert, but i’ve studied brasilian music for some years (still have much to learn) and cut my teeth playing with samba schools in the states. others out there, please feel free to correct anything i’ve said.
    norah2014-10-26 06:05:36

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