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    Can anybody comment if these are worth the money? I prefer to learn in someplace other than a classroom setting and these looked interesting to me.

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    Ozzie girl

    They are both good. I have them and use them alternatively.

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    Rosetta is better in my opinion! Its very hands on and you get no translations, learning by submission, comes highly recommended from me.
    Keep an eye out on their website as from time to time they will release an online only deal for a limited time (i.e. 20 percent off etc)

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    I have used both and each is good in its own place. Pimsleur is nice to use when you are in the car commuting to work. You can play the CD’s and practice while you’re driving. Rosetta Stone ties you to a computer and takes awhile to grind through the various levels but it gives you better fundamentals.

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    I’ve seen people make great progress with Rosetta Stone. You can buy it cheaper on amazon than on the Rosetta Stone site.
    Buy a couple of good Brazilian music cd’s to listen to in the car for the added immersion.

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    The Michel Thomas courses are quite good. He does French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German. Audio only but don’t buy it. Get it free on Limewire or similar. Though the system is good his accent is not particularly good in any language except his native Polish. I found Pimsleur good for learning Mandarin.

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    Rosetta Stone is good. I bought a used one on E-bay for 1/2 the price of new. The box was a little bent but the cd works great. It took aboout a week of searching auctions to find it though.

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    I used Pimsleur first to be able to start conversing quickly. Extremely intuitive. No stress or hassle. Later I added the Rosetta Stone to pick up more about reading and writing. I got both from yellowblowfish.com for a very good price.

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    I think its a good idea to use both…you can download them from the net and they don’t coast anything…

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    [QUOTE=jabberright]I used Pimsleur first to be able to start conversing quickly. Extremely intuitive. No stress or hassle. Later I added the Rosetta Stone to pick up more about reading and writing. I got both from yellowblowfish.com for a very good price.[/QUOTE]
    it maybe a stupid question but is yellowblowfish legal?
    its US$99 for something that cost ¬£399 on the official site…

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    Yeah, I think it is right up there with downloading commercial software and movies. When I first found them I didn’t even think about it–I was just relieved at the deal. On the whole I figure for us it is no different for us to use it that to use torrents and the like. I would be interested in your thoughts.

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    dont worry you wont get a harsh judgement from me, i tried the torrent route already, but couldnt get the download to work, so will try their copy, was creating the disk easy?

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    I suggest you spend your money on Pimsleur. There’s no point in buying Rosetta Stone when there are websites like livemocha that offer the same vocab training for free. I’ve tried RS and it doesn’t help that well.

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    Robertinbrazil2012-02-21 16:52:37

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    I have both RS and Pimsluer. I also have a couple grammar books and an english/portuguese dictonary. I think it all depends on how fast you pick things up in general and how much effort you put into it. Neither will make you fluent, at best slightly above intermediate, but I think they are still worth the money even at full retail price. I brought RS directly from RS and I downloaded the pimsluer torrent from iso hunt. My friend dowloaded RS for spanish but said he went through hell getting it to work. RS doesnt translate any of the words so I suggest getting a dictionary. Pimsluer is good in the car but only has a booklet to practice reading and recognizing words. I’d reccomend both, hope that helps.

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    just get them all for free guys..
    step 1: download bitlord, or utorrent
    step 2: go to btjunkie.com and search for rosetta stone portuguese
    step 3: download the torrent
    step 4: install rosetta stone levels 1, 2, and 3 and enjoy for free
    i download portuguese movies, e-books, and music…the cost of rosetta for all three levels is around $550 i think..just get it for free and save the cash :D

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    I really love Pimsleur for all kinds of languages, but Rosetta Stone has its benefits. I recently found this website: http://tltc.la.utexas.edu/brazilpod/tafalado/index.php
    It’s for Spanish speakers. The lessons are short, and it makes a point of pointing out different cultural aspects, too. It gives you the opportunity to listen to little conversations, and coloquialisms. It’s not meant to teach you how to speak Portuguese fluently, but to help give you a head start if you already know Spanish. Anyhow, it’s free, and I found it interesting…

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    I’ve been using Rosetta Stone now for about 2 weeks and I’m in Unit 2 of Level 1 Brazilian Portuguese. I adjusted it so that it teaches primarily speaking and listening. When I was learning Spanish, I messed up and learned reading/writing before speaking/listening and I had a rough time when I was first living in Mexico so I’m going a different route this time. I have a dicitonary as well as a verb book, but have not had to use them with RS to understand what the terms mean. The pictures are usually adequate enough to get the meanings from the words as well as the actions that are being conveyed. I’ve really enjoyed it so far, and they really drill terms into your brain with repetition. Have not yet had the chance to try Pimsleur, but I would like to check it out eventually, especially for an audio companion while driving. I have the RS audio companion, which is a repeat of everything learned from the units.

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    At the risk of perhaps breaking a rule or two around here I thought I would share this with those who are interested. Below is a screen shot of the menu for a DVD that I have. It includes Pimsleur Brazilian Portuguese and a number of other things. Any one who is interested can download it at:
    It’s about a 3GB download in 31 .rar pieces, so you need a good high speed connection.

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