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    Cross posting from another board:

    Brazilian Hostel Con-Artist / Thief – Leopoldo Ribeiro Neto

    Name: Leopoldo Ribeiro Neto
    Aliases: Karin Latiff,
    Karim Latrache
    Leopoldo Ribeiro Neto is currently scamming hostel guests in Brazil. On 20 December, 2010 he left Stone of a Beach Hostel in Rio de Janeiro, with $1000’s of guests money and personal belongings.
    After reporting this to the police, it was discovered that he is also wanted by the authorities in Brasilia for armed robbery, and is currently on the run, staying in hostels and scamming hostel guests in Brazil. In addition to the hostel in Rio, he has scammed guests in a hostel in Buzios in November. He has stolen $1000s of dollars from guests and at least 1 camera and 1 iphone.

    Leopoldo Ribeiro Neto
    Click image for larger size

    -He is extremely enthusiastic, generous and outgoing. He buys lots of drinks, food and shares his sheesha pipe and brags about his enormous wealth (he claims his father works at the embassy, and is rich from ‘oil money’. He also claims to be studying to be a surgeon.), in order to gain peoples trust.
    -Leopoldo Ribeiro Neto claims to be Egyptian or from Dubai, but he actually has Brazilian citizenship.
    -He speaks Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, and English.
    -He offers to buy people airline tickets through ‘government rates’ from the embassy. He then takes cash and gives a fake confirmation code. Before he leaves the hostel he tells people he has problems at his bank and reached his daily limit, and asks to borrow money.

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    “Click image for larger size”
    Can he get any bigger? :)
    Shame on these tourists. Didn’t their parents/schools make them watch the Oprah specials on not trusting strangers?
    Who wants to bet that this guys does the same thing after he’s caught and put on the semi-open regime?
    nikkij121852010-12-23 16:08:44

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    Ripoff. I clicked the image and he got smaller.
    Does he always wear that green shirt?

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    where I live he would be shot for this…scumbag!!!

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    [QUOTE=nikkij12185]”Click image for larger size”
    Can he get any bigger? :)
    Ha ha ha ha ha … Big%20smileBig%20smileStop, you are killing me …. LOLLOLLOL

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    Linda Anne

    (he claims his father works at the embassy, and is rich from ‘oil money’
    Hmmm staying a hostel while being rich…good cover.

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    every time this thread gets bumped i keep expecting to see him posting. SQUICK!

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    This guy is still in action but now he went to northeast.Some friends of mine send-me a picture of him to post here.leopoldo ribeiro netoBorn in Taguatinga. Close to Brasilia DFLet’s make this guy fell really bad for what he have done.
    wasid2011-02-28 09:58:31

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    [QUOTE=wasid] This guy is still in action but now he went to northeast.
    Some friends of mine send-me a picture of him to post here.
    leopoldo ribeiro neto
    Born in Taguatinga. Close to Brasilia DF

    Let’s make this guy fell really bad for what he have done.

    [/QUOTE] Too bad all of his thefts went to pay for crappy breast implants….LOLGreatBallsoFire2011-02-11 21:07:36

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    Never trust a man with man boobs. More fool you if you do.

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    Still unfound

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    People, we met these son of a bitch, stole us, but now this dick is in jail in Argentina, Puerto Iguazu, our friends got him!
    If anyone has ever registered occurrence against this man, send us code number or get in touch with Brazilian/Argentinian police, or myself!
    Never again this desgraciado will mess up with travellers anymore!
    i just dont know how to insert the image.. sorry..
    Rodolfo2011-10-21 18:57:55

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    Glad they finally got him. This guy stole from me!

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    Hi, everyone
    Leopoldo is doing AGAIN, now he’s in the south of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil. My brother met “Sadeek” (current fake name) in a Night Club in Porto Alegre, he seems to be a nice guy at the first moment. He told a lot of lies to us..He was IN MY HOUSE, we made lunch for him.. he robbed 300 reais from a guy in a hostel..
    but we didn’t gave him money and nothing, he left and now is unfound, again..
    Bina2011-11-23 16:06:13

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    I just can’t believe it!!!
    What the f**k!!!
    Dude, are you brazilian?!
    We must do something to get that bastard again, once and for all this time!
    I’m in São José dos Campos SP, if I’m not wrong, the asshole will try something around there yet.
    I’m sending this page with all this information to some hostels around here, you could do the same! This way we can try to gather information and assure next time he appears, he goes to jail.
    Spread the information!

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    Good luck! I hope this guy finally gets caught. They should send him to the ‘microwae’ in the favela!

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    We just got him at LimeTime. He checked in in the afternoon, and I saw him around and called the cops on him. Cant go to jail, didn’t do anything here and apparently he is “clean”… No fake ID, nothing against him, at least in the state of sao paulo. At least I know no hostel here will host him…

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    this is crazy? I filed a police report and im sure others.
    Also, when I went to the police they said he was ‘wanted for armed robbery’ in Brasilia. Shouldnt he be in jail for this?
    Good work by every in getting the word out about this guy.. dont give up!

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    Well, I guess we could see it coming… There ain’t “nothing” against him… He is clean, yeah, some people didn’t fill in the police report, and he stole from us he was in Argentina, it ain’t that simple to keep him behind the bars…
    But, as my friend ract99 says, if he filled the report back then, it should pop up when the police searched his docs… But we all know how authorities in Brazil don’t work together, they’re just not connected… a shame.
    This guy won’t stop, the least we can do is spread the information.
    I’ll be at Maresias Hostel in a few days, I’ve already warned them by email, but I’m not sure if they believe me… Well, I’m trying to help, if I see him walking around I won’t call police, I’ll kick his fat ass myself, from far, cause he claims to do jiu jutsu, haha.

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    hi guys, my name is rafael, im work in a hostel here in sao paulo, I saw this guy yesterday in the Tietê bus station here in sao paulo, who wants to believe, he sat beside me on the bobs restaurant, also talked a lot, said his name was Leo, and was going home in brasilia on the bus to leave this morning, but who knows if is true or not….. I already knew who he was because the staff of the hostel here received the e-mail, although it will not help much .. … if he responds to the process, nobody can catch him …. and he seems very smart, always the other names but this always true identity, belongings and never with anyone, so it’s difficult, I hope that someone will take this motherf**ker right, so it does not make any more sh*t, but leave room for the police, never try anything can be dangerous…. rafael sao paulo.

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    Hey guys. This guy just tried do strike now, about 6 hours ago. He had be trying to gain mine and my friend`s trust since the last week. He actually got to sleep in my friends house, where he took the keys from his home theater room. He claimed his name was Kareem(same phonetics as Sareek, as said in earlier posts, and all that stuff of “diplomatic advantages”). He said his money-making source was importing and selling electronics like Iphones and Ipads. He forgot his bag at my friend`s house, and we found a law suit(not sure this is the right term) where he was accused in Spain of theft, but he ran do Brazil. We went to a police department instantly, and we found that he is in fact accused of larceny, theft and armed robbery. He will just keep doing this; he won`t stop. I`m sorry if I am violating this Forum`s rules here, but I think we should move this link and let people know who he is in a more comprehensive way. To be clear I think we should all post things and this link in bigger networks(FB,twt, etc). He seems not to be dangerous or represent considerable threat, as he is nothing but a rat. Probably a sociopath. As the policeman told us here, he is somewhat “clean”. Although there are denounces of his criminal behaviour, he cannot be arrested unless if it is flagrant(not sure about the word either), and he won`t stay in jail for long if that happens. Hope I help you guys to avoid this parasite.titilhoBR2012-02-13 01:44:54

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    THis makes me upsetAngry

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    @titilhoBR, thanks for posting!
    I am the guy who posted the original report on this guy. i posted to hostelthief.blogspot.com… but google took the site down. Luckily, the page was mirrored here and a few other places.
    If someone is good with webpages, maybe they can make a freshone where we can keep this guy’s info and location updated.
    A Brazilian that knows the system must be able to figure out how we can catch this guy! I dont understand if he is already wanted for robbery, why dont they arrest him?
    keep posting guys, i hope we catch him!

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    sven van ‘t Veer

    [QUOTE=ract99] @titilhoBR, thanks for posting!
    I am the guy who posted the original report on this guy. i posted to hostelthief.blogspot.com… but google took the site down[/QUOTE]
    And probably with good reason. You can’t just go about and post pictures of someone on the Internet, alleging he is a criminal. All people are considered innocent until proven guilty.
    Under brazilian law, it’s a crime to post such information, unless the person is actually convicted of said crime.
    Art. 138. Caluniar alguém, imputando-lhe falsamente fato definido como crime:
    Pena – detenção, de seis meses a dois anos, e multa.
    ¬ß 1¬∫ – Na mesma pena incorre quem, sabendo falsa a imputação, a propala ou divulga.

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    then I’m glad my post was mirrored before google took it down. Legal or not, the word needs to get out on this scum bag who preys on the kindness of travelers.

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    guys, I think you guys are already going too far, a guy like this to be dangerous not cost anything, remember that it really is a sociopath, he is also very intelligent, a guy that knows a lot of bad people and knows how to hurt someone many different ways … Well I did my part by saying that he had seen when he came here, but now all these posts is already getting tense for me, he knows where I work, there should Brazilians get smart, the more I want a naughty prisoner, is easier pro gringo talk a lot of things while away from here, and i still have that arrest of the law that another friend posted …. want to know, I’m out of this.

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    Where did it happen?
    Do you have any ideia of where he might have gone after he left?
    People, specially you rafaelmsc, I really don’t think we need to be scared of him, on the contrary, I think it is our “duty” to keep up with this duscussions here, beacuse I know that someday, somehow, somewhat he will pop up closer enough to me so I can reach him and finally have my personal revenge… that is what I want the most… but better if he goes to jail once and for all…
    So titilhoBR, give us more information, location, etc.

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    Hey guys! It happened in Brasília – Lago Sul. He was at 407 Sul in Brasília, claiming to be a rich arabic guy, fooled my friend, me and at least one more guy at this bar. My friend took him to his house at Lago Sul, where he left Sunday. The last time I saw him was at Hookah bar, 109 Norte. After we found out about him, we went to the police, where they told us that he would only be arrested in flagrant, and that he wouldn’t stay in for more than 60 days. My friend talked to him on the fone next day, and told him we knew about him and that he should take off. He then got scared and asked for his bag. My friend told him to take the bag in a package store system in Rodoferroviaria Estadual and we never talked to him again. As we’ve seen from his bag papers, he had a 1(one) year rent contract in São Paulo, where he told us he was going to. I got to write down his ID number in Brazil, which is 2373033 from SSP-DF. By the way, Rafael, although he IS a sociopath, he is scared. He is afraid of the police and of anyone who discovers him in time. So you don’t have to be that scared; he is even more. Good luck guys. Don’t look for personal revenges either; he is gonna be killed soon by someone as bad as him. Good luck guys! See you

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    .juancinho2014-08-03 21:31:49

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    Hi, this guy is actually in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He says that he gonna be in the country for 4 months more less, this is the current facebook profile of him:

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    Hey guys, i saw leo a month ago at Puerto Iguazu on Hostel Inn. He said that he is from Brasilia and he is in iguazu because he imports products. He robbed 300 reais from me.

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    he be scammer dude

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    He has been at our hostel in central Buenos Aires for the last two weeks, working as a volunteer. He arrived on the 7th of August and left yesterday, the 20th. We celebrated his ‘birthday’ with him last weekend, when he made dinner for everyone in the hostel and was generous with buying drinks for people at a bar. He had been telling us and our guests that he had loads of air miles to use up so we could use them to book cheap flights through him – he managed to get around US$100 from a few people and as much as $1000 from one guy. He left in the afternoon when he realised that we were starting to get suspicious – he went to a bar in Palermo with one of the guests and used his phone to continue to communicate with us on Facebook (he didn’t have a phone of his own) before telling him that he had to go & meet a friend.

    He was using his real name, Leopoldo (Leo) Ribeiro, told us that he had been living in Westminster in London for 4 years, that he owned a successful online shisha shop, that his dad is Egyptian but lives in California and his mum is Italian and lives in Rio. He said that he was going to go to California next week but was coming back here to stay until December, to improve his Spanish (which is already good – he also speaks Portuguese, Arabic and pretty good English). He is very fond of his shisha/hookah pipe and seems to like going to bars where he can smoke it.
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    I also received an email from him with the name Sadeek an Adeek: sadeek86@outlook.com

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    Hi guys,

    We have recently met this guy in Peru. He was travelling from Ica to Arequipa and robbed a guy who he befriended and other from the hostel he stayed at in Arequipa. He introduced himself as Leo born in Brazil (Brasilia) but has been living i San Fransico for 17 years. He seemed friendly and keen to meet people. He was taking pictures of everyone and offered to send them over whatsapp/facebook.
    As described in previous posts he is outgoing and generous.


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    WE just met this guy in The bothy hostal in Arequipa two days ago. He is exactly as described, fat and full of shit. He said he wanted to work at the hostal but ended up just leaving a huge bill and stealing from guests . He may still be here in arequipa and likes to hang out at dejavu nightclub. if you find him you should inform security or police officials. He Is a very wanted criminal rapist. He is wanted for the rape of a 13 year old girl in argentina and other women in varias countries. He is a very good talker and scammer perhaps even a charming psycopath. He often will talk about the size of his penis to women. But it doubt it is as long as his tongue. He has never even left south america. Over he is just full of bullshit lies . if you find him you must stop him at all costs.

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      Gringo go go

      @dieleodie, how did you find out the information about him being wanted for rape?

      I reported him to the police in Arequipa after I encountered him there, but they didn’t seem particularly interested. The sort of scams he’s attempting at the moment don’t really leave any evidence, so it seems like he can always slip away. I think he’s smart enough to avoid actually stealing hard cash or belongings at the moment, as that would give the police something concrete to go on. With that being said, I’m sure this scumbag is capable of all kinds of odious crimes if he thinks he can get away with it.

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      leo himself my be writing on this post. be cafeful guys . The information is from the argentinian criminal records.

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    for me, it is obvious that the guy is a thief, but there are people who exaggerates in talking with the intention of seeing the face an even worse situation, for me the thing is simple, the day the police holding him and justice will be done but talk that the guy is acusade to raping a 13-year-old, without any evidence, it is hate, no justice …

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