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    i am from India working here in brazil on a employment contract. And i will be leaving Brazil after 22 months of employment. Will i be able to withdraw the FGTS money in this case and how is it possible.

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    Not sure if that’s possible. Also only 22 months paying FGTS probably won’t entile you to anything. You have to go to a CAIXA ECONÃMICA FEDERAL Agency, there are special counters for FGTS enquiries, they’ll have all the information and details you’ll need.
    BTW, your employers accountant should be able to answer this as well. But still, I’d recomend to check with CEF anyway, to be sure the CONTADOR is lying to you or doesn’t have a clue about FGTS.

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    sven van ‘t Veer

    Only after 3 years without work and via the Brazilian consulate where you live.

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    It depends how they terminate your contract – if they ‘sack’ you, rather than you leaving, you would be able to get the FGTS plus the 40% fine the company pays (company pays 50%, with 40% going to the employee).

    However, if you are on a fixed term contract that is not renewed, this sounds like you will not get your money. Rest assured though, that it will be put to good use for the next three years, funding the BNDS, and bailing out Eike Batista. You should be able to get it after 3 years without working in Brazil though.
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    Hello Everyone

    Can the FGTS be withdrawn even if i resign from my company? and then i wait for 3 years to get it? Is there any link of a government website i can refer to for this information?
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    sven van ‘t Veer

    Yes, if you resign, wait 3 years and then after your next birthday (yes, after your next birthday, so 3 years and a birth day) you can withdraw your FGTS, as long as you don’t work for an other company with a signed carteira.

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    Make sure you take your Carteira (blue book) with you when you leave. Also take/keep your RNE ID or protocol. Keep both safe and locked up. Wait 3+bit years. Either return to Brazil or submit your documents at one of the listed consulates. If you are requesting from abroad you’ll need a bank account (or a friend’s) in Brazil for the funds to be sent into. If you request in Brazil I think you can get it in cash. I recently (with some helpful guidance from the guys here) earlier in the year and managed to submit my documents here in London in November and got the money finally into my Brazilian bank account last week. Even managed to do it with only a copy of my old RNE because the original had been stolen. It’s a bit of a challenge, but well worth it! http://www.fgts.gov.br/perguntas/trabalhador/pergunta49.asp

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    Hey all,

    Don’t know where everyone is getting this 3-year idea but it’s not correct, at least in my case.
    I just came from the Caixa and have received my FGTS – nice little payout. Here’s my situation:
    – VITEM-V visa
    – 1-year contract with company. contract expired.
    you’ll need some documentation from your company but the whole thing was fairly straight-forward and they didn’t ask a lot of question.
    The original payout was about 60% of my monthly salary, plus there was a multa for about 50% of a monthly salary. It was not at all clear that I would receive any extra money for the multa until I got there. It wasn’t noted on any of the documents as far as I could see. Was a nice surprise when the cashier told me I would receive almost double what I was expecting.
    So if you’re in this boat, don’t wait 3 years – just make sure you get the right documents from your company:
    – Termo de Rescisao do Contrato de Trabalho
    – CSE Conectividade Social / Empregador which will have a Chave de Identificacao and a date showing when the saldo is available
    – Extrato de Conta Vinculada Para Fins Rescisorios (basically your FGTS statement)
    The first one, which shows when and why your job ended is the most important. The rest are basically for your reference. The extrato proved very helpful but I don’t know if it was necessary.
    Also make sure to bring your carteira and CIE for ID.
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