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    Dear all

    I just moved to Rio. A colleague wants to send me an iPhone to use for work. He lives in Peru.
    He wants to mail it by Fedex.
    Simple question: Will I be charged taxesin Brazil for receiving the phone? If so, any idea how much?
    It’s a used iPhone 5.
    Thank you very much in advance!

    wcarless2015-08-11 16:27:54

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    Nobody can guarantee but it is a good bet you WILL get charged tax. And you will get charged based on the FED-EX charge as well. The calculation will be (good + fed ex charge)
    They have x-rays for electronics! I had a box of used clothes stopped and taxed just to give you an idea.
    Good luck if you decide to try. If he is sending it free, just do it! Pay the tax and you’ll have a decent phone for far less than the third world crap you can get here.

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    Taxes on imported cell phones are high. I think the tax on shipping an imported cell phone is at least 30% of the purchase price of the phone. They calculate the tax based on what the price for similar cell phones are on the domestic market. Check with correios, but when I purchased a cell phone online, had it mailed to Brazil, and went to retrieve it, they didn’t hand it over to me until I payed the tax on it. It took a few days to get that issue settled. I got the tax payment receipt and they gave me my cell phone. Needless to say they give you a hard time when you ship in foreign electronics. They want to protect the domestic industry for them, that’s why iPods, iPhones, etc.are so much more expensive to buy in Brazil than the USA, for example. Good luck!!

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