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    Hello everyone,
    I’m in need of a Intel processor which is at least 25% more here in Brazil than in the USA. I’d like to get a friend to buy it for me and send it via post. Two questions…
    Has anybody had problems receiving packages from abroad? (I’ve heard the Correios have problems…)

    Also, will I have to pay any sort of import tax? (The CPU costs just over 300USD)
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    Marc Maserati

    The import tax of 50% (Value of the CPU and of shipping together) will eat the potential savings not to mention that occasionally customs assigns a value on an item regardless of the invoice. I’d just buy the CPU here for 400 USD. It will save you a ton of headaches.

    The other option would be if you knew someone flying in. That is the best way.

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    Thanks, Marc, that’s what I thought … Ah, well!

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    I second that. Electronics are tricky. I think it will be more headache than it is worth. These things you only bring in a suitcase, yours or a friends.

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