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    I need to know if anyone has encountered the same problem and what did they do about it?

    Someone send a few thousand USD to a foreigner in Brazil who was living here on basis of a protocol.Now that foreigner has a bank account but no source of income in Brazil. The bank refuses to let him convert the whole amount to Reis as they say it is above his limit and he needs to give them a ‘comprovante de renda’. He told them he doesn’t file any returns as he is still ‘technically’ a foreigner and he doesn’t earn in Brazil and also that the money he received was the return of a loan to him. They are saying the rest of the money will be sent back where it came from. This will of course be a problem as they were sent through a money exchange and it was sent LAST year. Since he was travelling he was not able to get the money converted sooner.

    Now, the issue is: should he send the money back ? It may mean losing that money that is above his limit.
    There is something that can serve as a comprovante de renda for him?

    Any advice?

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