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    So… for the past decade, while still living in the USA, my friend had a trusty, vintage Escort Passport 8500radar/laser detector which saved his bacon time after time. It was truly the gift that kept on giving. Though not really effective for laser detection, that wasn’t really a problem as most of the roads he drove on required vigilance for only radar 99.9% of the time.

    It worked perfectly for detecting Xband, Kband andKa-band which was all there was in the USA.
    When he moved here to Brazil and brought it along, he noticed that it was constantly sounding false alarms for Kaband, which in the USA was strictly used only by law enforcement, though here in Brazil, appears to be part of the security systems for strip malls, etc. He was told that there are several other bandsother than X, Kand Kaused here in Brazil.
    Also, he’s been ticketed by a few fixed-point detection systems — the one’s that take your car’s picture (license plate) and send you a ticket, and his Passport 8500didn’t detect them at all, and so he’s really frustrated at this point.
    He was wondering… is there a favorite radar/laser detector here in Brazil. I know some American brands are being sold on MercadoLivre but not sure if they detect the radar bands used specifically here in Brazil.
    I’ve been told there are GPS units that can be purchased, or apps for smart-phones, that contain a database of where all the fixed radar/laser detection boxes are and will warn you as you approach them. Wondering how reliable these are and if anyone has any recommendations for these apps and/or actual detection units that will detect allthe radar/laser frequency bands used here in Brazil.

    coolbloo2013-09-09 19:31:06

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    interesting post.
    I tried to look into this briefly , but just gave up, so will be intereting to hear other members input on this…

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    i didn’t do an intensive trawl search but enough to realize that no site about radars talks about bands. i will ask Mr Electronics at home about it. in the meantime, taking a different approach, it looks like there may be some GPS based apps that might help- radare (which also signals for physical stuff), TomTom apparently has something, trapster is another one (i think this is like crowdsourced info about lombadas, radars, etc). nothing that is a detector like the ones in the US, but it’s a start.

    i will let you know what info i get.
    oh, also, read the last entry here, which i thought maybe explains why things are moving towards smartphone based systems instead of the old Cobra/passport system.

    3casas2013-09-10 07:57:12

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    Just my 2 cents:

    I saw some permanent cameras in SP which are measuring the speed by 2 wires in the asphalt. No active detection possible.
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    I second Mrs. 3 houses. A GPS with the most up to date maps will take care of you here. I have a cheapo Tom Tom with an up to date map and knock on wood have not received a ticket to date as it alerts me to almost every radar I pass.

    Here you don’t have to worry about the fuzz hiding behind hay bails! LOLThe radars are 99% fixed. It’s very rare to see the movel radar!
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    I am monitoring this thred because I want to get my wife an iphone camera mount for her car. Should I even bother looking, or are these things everywhere? She hits something or someone about once a year.

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    sounds like maybe a cowcatcher might be more in order.

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    I’ve been drilling down into this subject a little more — definitely seeing the distinction between devices that actually detectand respondto radar/laser signals versus devices that “know” where all the fixed location speedtraps are via GPS, and alert the driver to their presence as one approaches their GPS coordinates. Of course their effectiveness is dependent upon their database being completely up-to-date.

    When I first googled radar/laser detectorsfor Brasil, I was sent to a Brazilian website selling the Cobra XRS9970G (USA company) which is an all-in-one unit, meaning, a 15-band radar/laser detector bundled with a GPS fixed-location speed trap locator, so it’s covering all the bases.
    The 15-band coverage includes, X Band, K Band, Ka Superwide, Ku Band, VG-2, Spectre Iand Spectre IV+.Laser signals include LTI 20-20, Ultra Lyte, ProLaser, ProLaser III, Stalker LIDARand Speedlaser.Safety signals include Safety Alertand Strobe Alert.
    It provides complete immunity to Spectre I radar detector-detectorsand alerts users when they are under surveillance of Spectre I/IV+ radar detector-detectors.It also provides complete immunity to VG-2 radar detector-detectors.So basically this unit is mostly invisible to LE.
    This unit comes bundled with the AURAGPS database network for fixed-location speedtraps.This is the same GPS database utilized by Escort/Passport for their newer radar/laser detector models.
    What I find puzzling is that the AURAnetwork does not include Brasil.
    Brasil’s GPS fixed-location speed trap database appears to be resident on a network called TrackSource. I believe Tracksourceis the network used for Smartphone apps like Radare, mentioned by 3casas. So unless the Cobra XRS9970G can be modified to run TrackSource, it doesn’t seem to be a good choice. One reviewer on Amazon said that the Cobra XRS9970G does not work in Brasil. I assume they mean the GPS bundle. Seems like a unit with the actual detection capability of the Cobra XRS9970Gbundled with TracksourceGPS would be ideal. That said, according to Paulistano, it would appear that these GPS units are very good at doing 99% of the job on their own without an actual detection system in place on your vehicle. I’d be mostly inclined to agree as 3 of 4 tickets received, were received from fixed-location speed traps.
    I’ve never heard of the Tom Tombut I’ll check it out. Is it made here in Brasil? Can you buy them here?
    I just saw a Radareapp demo on Youtube using what appeared to be an iPhone. The iPhone was mounted to the windshield. Seemed to work well. The question is, are the roads in southern Brazil and cities like Florianopolisas well-mapped in TrackSource, as cities like SPand RdJ. It would be great to solve this with a R$2 app for the iPhone and a windshield adapter if possible, as long as one can be confident in the GPS database. One would just have to remain vigilant for LE on the side of the road with laser guns.
    That said — also open to a 15-band unit like the Cobra XRS9970G bundled with a TracksourceGPS locator. The cowcatcher sounds fun too, though you could also outfit your car’s exterior with inflatable rafts filled with chocolate pudding. Smile

    coolbloo2013-09-10 18:06:10

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    Cool’s been snagged a few times clipping down the large hill on SC401, coming from centro, headed towards Floripa Shopping, I’m guessing… Wink
    I always see the hwy police hiding in the shade of the overpass, with their radar gun out at that spot!
    FYI, the drive up to the serra now has 13fixed radar sites installed. PITA!

    Gringo.Floripa2013-09-10 18:27:30

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    we’ve gotten caught a few times on road trips with the mobile radars. going Ctba to Londrina, there is at least one squad every single time we go. maybe that Cobra might be a good thing to bring back with me, thanks for doing my research!!

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    Cool’s been snagged a few times clipping down the large hill on SC401, coming from centro, headed towards Floripa Shopping, I’m guessing… Wink[/QUOTE]
    Totally logical spot GF… but in truth… not once but twice at the same caixa on BR101 not quite a kilometer south of the tunnel on the way to Garo. It’s posted at 80km but everyone flies… e ganham multas! Shocked
    I went through twice before I even knew it was there. Won’t make that mistake again. A competent GPS warning would have been convenient. Also… once by fixed location caixa on BeiraMar near the bus terminal in Trindade and once at the bottom of the SC401 death curves heading toward centro by LE with laser gun.
    I took a look at the Tom Tom and Garmin units. Looks like they’re dedicated GPS units with fairly big screens. I think I understand what 3casas was saying now… the migration of this technology to Smart phones and other IOS devices. Why buy a dedicated anythingwhen your existing hardware can perform the function/service for you. If iPads, iPhones, Androids, etc., can provide the service with a simple app… perhaps best to go that route.

    coolbloo2013-09-10 20:47:54

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    [QUOTE=coolbloo][ Why buy a dedicated anythingwhen your existing hardware can perform the function/service for you. If iPads, iPhones, Androids, etc., can provide the service with a simple app… perhaps best to go that route. [/QUOTE]

    I hear there’s an app soon to be released that will even warn you of an impending drone attack! LOL
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    i think you should make a Mr Toad/Federal Police/Bureaucracy Magic 8 Ball App and sell it to gringoes trying to Get Things Done. You could combine the BR calendar, typical strike patterns for the usual sectors (banks strike in september, etc), your patented Wednesday After Full Moon thing, and put it all together. I’d rather cough up for that than for Meating Ladeez in Brazil or whatever that drivel any day. Just make sure you make it for android. ;-)3casas2013-09-10 21:55:23

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    Update from Mr 3C:

    I dont think here in Brazil they have a good kind of radar detector . I know that GPS here only shows fixed radar, and i don’t think they’re reliable. Check this out http://gps.pezquiza.com/gps/detectores-de-radar-com-ou-sem-gps-aprenda-a-usar-e-saiba-se-e-legal-ou-ilegal/
    [which was the same 1st result crapola page that we probably all saw when we googled the subject]
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    Not wishing to be controversial orattempting to introduce radical new ideas that may preserve humanity from thepopular self-inflicted daily carnage yet I find the obvious suggestionirresistible: obey the law and slow the f*uk down. Sure, speed doesn’t kill;it’s the sudden and highly predictable and statistical stops that do thedamage. You ain’t as good as you think you are.

    < ?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />Stern Smile

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    They’ve just put a radar on the large estrada leading to our neighborhood, and it has cut down on a lot of the rush hour shenanigans that we used to see (and the late night drag racing and sunday morning IML truck visits to scrape the bodies of the asphalt). I think it’s great.

    my car is a 1L WTF, I sure ain’t getting speeding tickets (usually), I’m too busy nimbly leaping out from in front of crazy truckers on ribete who are talking to Jesus in the passenger seat.
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    Bella 777

    Wow, I had no idea this many people need to go faster than everyone else.
    Everyone shopping for a radar detector can I ask you something? Did you use one in your country of origin?
    I haven’t gotten a fine for speeding since I was 20-something. Maybe because I just always keep about 2-5 km over speed limit – never over that.
    But then… I’m just not that more important than everyone else. Wink
    Ahh… Remember that the anti-radar ones – the ones that screw up the radar’s signal – are illegal here.

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    [QUOTE=HalfGringa]Wow, I had no idea this many people need to go faster than everyone else.[/QUOTE]
    I can’t speak for anyone else on here, neither am I familiar with the setups in other states, but the radar cams in SC are a cash cow for the state/local governments, and set up in places to take advantage of the unsuspecting driver. On a country road I’ll go 100 clicks, and I’m alwayspassed like I’m poking along. So for me, it’s not a matter of needing to go faster than everyone else.
    But if the speed limit is 80, and then all of a sudden you hit a stretch of the same type roadway that has the limit drop to 60, and in the initial stretch of the 60kph zone is a radar cam… well, then it’s time to attempt to beat ‘the system’…. Wink
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    Marc Maserati

    I keep to the right (truck lanes ect) and at or 5km/hr under the posted limit. People here drive with a death wish and I just stay out of their way. I’ve come to realize passing cars is as much a national pastime as soccer and BBQ. After being passed (going 110 km/hr) by 2 people simultaneously (3 lanes and only one going in my direction) that was enough to convince me to hang to the right and give those who really want to die the opportunity to try.

    Driving a 1.0 WTF (GOL in this case) limits my speed options anyway and I want my kids to have an opportunity for long life.

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    [QUOTE=HalfGringa]Wow, I had no idea this many people need to go faster than everyone else.[/QUOTE]
    I can’t speak for anyone else on here, neither am I familiar with the setups in other states, but the radar cams in SC are a cash cow for the state/local governments, and set up in places to take advantage of the unsuspecting driver.


    São Paulo is the same. They put radars on roads without speed limit signs (here in Americana this is very prevalent) and one that you could safely do 100 but the radar is for 40. This is a particularly tricky radar entering Campins in an exit where you can EASILY do 60…it’s almost a straight a way and the radar is for 30.
    It’s not a matter of “just slow down” in a lot of cases.
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    I have to agree with GF and Paulistano. There are many places where you can safely and comfortably drive at say, 100 – 110 kmh but the sign says 80kmh. You can go up to 83kmh without getting a ticket but above that and you’re ticketed. I think as long as one drives reasonably and safely, it’s not unreasonable to want to be able to make better time or drive what the road conditions safely provide. I don’t think wanting to do so makes any of us think we’re “more important” or reckless or possessed of some sort of death wish. To assume that we do is sort of a leap… an unreasonable conclusion.

    As an example, there are several places on BR101… a newly refurbished, wide highway with two lanes in each direction. There are sections where you can easily and safely drive 110 – 115 and yet for reasons unknown, there are sections several KM long where the posted speed is 80KM and curiously they have the fixed-radar traps in those sections just after where the reduced speed limits take effect…. Ermm
    Meanwhile… is anyone running the Radare App(GPS alert) on an iPhone, Android or tablet?
    Also… as HalfGringa observes, when driving through my neighborhood or most neighborhoods with kids and dogs and speed bumps, I rarely get out of second gear. I know where to go slow.

    coolbloo2013-09-11 11:20:48

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    Bella 777

    Unreasonable or not… IMHO, there’s always a reason the speed limit changes. If you want to risk that the reason is not important to you, then swallow the fine and whatever consequences…

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    Yes, I understand your position HG, and I respect your right to make that choice. So fully acknowledging your freedom to do so, what we’re attempting to do in this thread is share information about the current legal apps and technologies currently available to consumers.

    Any feedback from Radare appusers would be much appreciated. Thumbs Up

    coolbloo2013-09-11 11:25:09

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    On the two lane BR to the capital it’s posted 80 and 100 but most everyone drives 120 to 140. It seems almost unsafe to obey the speed limit.

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    Bella 777

    Cì≥digo de Transito Brasileiro

    [1] Art. 61. A velocidademì°xima permitida para a via serì° indicada por meio de sinalizaìßão, obedecidassuas caracterì≠sticas tì©cnicas e as condiìßìµes de trì¢nsito.

    Â¬ß 1¬∫ Onde nãoexistir sinalizaìßão regulamentadora, a velocidade mì°xima serì° de:

    I – nas viasurbanas:

    a) oitentaquilÃ’metros por hora, nas vias de trì¢nsito rì°pido:

    b) sessentaquilÃ’metros por hora, nas vias arteriais;

    c) quarentaquilÃ’metros por hora, nas vias coletoras;

    d) trintaquilÃ’metros por hora, nas vias locais;

    II – nas viasrurais:

    a) nasrodovias:

    1) cento e dezquilÃ’metros por hora para automì≥veis e camionetas;

    1) 110 (centoe dez) quilÃ’metros por hora para automì≥veis, camionetas e motocicletas;(Redaìßão dada pela Lei n¬∫ 10.830, de 2003)

    2) noventaquilÃ’metros por hora, para Ã’nibus e microÃ’nibus;

    3) oitentaquilÃ’metros por hora, para os demais veì≠culos;

    b) nasestradas, sessenta quilÃ’metros por hora.

    So, the roads of my residential neighbourhood in SP for example – very few speed signs, but it’s a residential neighbourhood – don’t really need signs telling me to go below 40 because there are kids and cars coming out of garages and stuff.

    If you arewithin the law above as well as your local transit laws (ie – some places canhave a law that states all highways exits = 40km and below (I’ve personally never seen anexit in Brazil that has a speed limit above 40 kph – I thought all of them were 40 kph) and there really are no signsthat speed limits changed, you can do a Recurso Administrativo against the multa and points. Might take a while, so most people don’t do it.

    Rule of thumb – no speed signs and it’s got one lane? Prob max speed of 50 or 60. Two lanes? Unless it’s a major rodovia, it’s prob still 60 or 70. Today, I think you would be hard pressed to find any route that isn’t a 4-5 lane major highway with a speed limit of over 90. And yes it changes because if the highway goes through a minor village, it then becomes am urban road – speed limit of 40-60.


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