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    recently i began post grad studies here in brasil, and last week had my first test. i was appalled to see students writing on the palms of their hands before the test. when i asked what they were doing, they looked at me as if to say “whats so out of the ordinary about that”. they went on to explain to me that everyone cheats in tests from when they are in high school right through university, and that it is in fact the only way to pass in a test. perhaps i am just a nerd that needs to chill out, but cheating just defeats the purpose of studying. what is an ‘A’ if it is written in the palm of your hand? i was seriously pis*^d off to see that i had studied hard for a test (in a second language), while the locals were all content on earning their grades the dishonest way. in order to keep up with the class, does this mean i should also cheat? is it an official study method here??? the group that was writing on the palms of their hands thought it was pretty funny that i was shocked, and went on to tell me about the phrase “Quem não cola não sai da escola” and then told “war stories” about their best attempts at cheating. perhaps i should have posted this in the “vent your frustrations” heading! Victoria20052008-07-14 17:53:03

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    perhaps it explains all the people i deal with who have the collective intelligence of a box of hammers.

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    Are these the same people who grow up to be politicians who line their pockets?

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    well for what it is worth, im in college and i never cheated and i think it is the lamest thing on earth. i have also pissed off many ppl, friends included, because i wouldnt let them cheat off me when the teacher wasnt looking. to be quiet honest, i dont know if this has anything to do with me going to an american school and having a different idea about cheating. and without cheating, i *still* manage to get better grades than like 90% of class, so i think its a sh*tty excuse to be lazy.

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    sven van ‘t Veer

    Personally, every time I made a “cheat note” in high school, I never needed it because by the time I had narrowed down the important stuff, the important stuff had already made it into my head.

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    Sven’s post reminds me of the days in which I used to do the same thing; and also of the story of the ultimate cramming student: He reduced all of his course notes to a single page, the page to a paragraph, the paragraph to a phrase, the phrase to a word…and forgot the word.peter caplan2008-07-15 10:34:33

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    “perhaps it explains all the people i deal with who have the collective intelligence of a box of hammers.”

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    but seriously folks, at high school its really just a childish behaviour. …to see this same behaviour from adults occupying executive positions (or aspiring to) and studying post grad – one would expect a little more integrity right?

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    Just out of curiosity, is this a federal, state, or a PPP (Papai Pagou Passou) university?

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    it’s not a Federal Uni, but it is a pretty good school – Fundacao Getulio Vargas – FGV. its considered one of the best Business Schools in the country. it could be considered a “daddy pays” school (it’s not cheap), but the age average seems to be 28-40. Victoria20052008-07-15 19:49:48

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    Thats is a very good school, I’m surprised that this goes on at a school like FGV. But anyway, your are attending a very good school and you will definetly find a GOOD job when you’re done. Good luck and hang in there!

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    Cheers Ed, i’ll cope no problem. i guess i just found it as a hell of a shock. i expected more from my classmates. i started this topic partly to see if i am the only nerd that finds this unacceptable, and well, to vent in general. Victoria20052008-07-15 20:13:44

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    I bought an expensive imported item. There were lots ofproblems with the delivery and I had many chances to talk with the bookkeeper.So onetime he says, don’t be surprised if the price on the nota fiscal is alittle different than the price you paid. If we didn‚Äôt cheat a little we couldn‚Äôtstay in business. So maybe what you areseeing is just meritocracy, Brazilian style.

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