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    Don’t know if anyone reads this anymore, but I was published today in the DOU for naturalization!!!!

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    Mahmoud Al Habil


    congratulation ….. what is the next step ?

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    Wait for the judge to send me something to tell me to go swear in to become a citizen.

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    Mahmoud Al Habil


    and only you will do swear ? there no any question or conversation??

    and the swear you will be one by one or with group ??

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    I don’t know.

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    Mahmoud Al Habil

    Thanks andrewfroboy .
    For your help

    Please keep me update to I know what will happen .


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    Mahmoud Al Habil

    today i talk with my friend he published DOU in AUG-2015 .

    and he till today not receive invitation for swear .

    i don’t know if this thing normal ..

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    Mariam Gar

    I think they don’t send an invitation, he has to go and look for it

    Andrew, when your process went to DINAT, how long did it take after this step?

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    In So Paulo they do send an invitation, it was about 14 months between the first time it showed up at DINAT to published.

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    Dark Obsessions

    the new rules should take much more less now . . . Andrewfroboy , still no invites after more than 2 months ?

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    Mahmoud Al Habil

    hi Mariam Gar

    till today still in same department .

    i don’t know what is the next department and how much time take to move to next departmint ??

    please any one help us ..

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    I applied for Nat. in Dec 2014. Still waiting. PF messed up because they sent the docs. off to Brasilia without doing a home visit. Brasilia sent docs back to PF in november 2015. Got home visit in Jan. 2016.

    After publishing in DOU, the court should send an official to your home to invite you to pick up your certificate. If the cert hasnt been printed you should email DOJ, if it has been printed and sent out you should contact the court.

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    Just an update on my situation. I finally got naturalised in March this year. Here is my timetable, as you can see it did not all go smoothly in my case.

    – Dec 2014 applied
    – Dec 2014 documents sent to Brasilia. (should have done a police visit first !)
    – Aug 2015 application analysed in Brasilia
    – Nov 2015 analyst in Brasilia realised I had not had a police visit, they sent it all back to PF in Recife
    – Dec 2015 spoke to the PF in Recife, The investigator was on Christmas vacation, PF told me to come back in January.
    – Jan 2016 spoke to PF investigator on the phone. She was able to interview me orally and a home visit was not necessary.
    – Feb 2016 PF Recife sent interview results back to Brasilia.
    – May 2016 PF Recife sent fingerprint and interpol analysis (all negative) to Brasilia
    – Nov 2016 process reopened in Brasilia.
    – Dec 2016 published in DOU
    – Jan 2017 went to court in Recife to ask about naturalisation certificate. They gave me a date in March to come back
    – March 2017 got naturalisation certificate.

    Total time: 2 years 4 months.

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