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    Hi All,
    I was wondering what websites are used the most in Brasil for people looking to market property and land for sale?
    Does anyone have experience in doing this and does it differ dependent on the state? I am focused on the Sao Paulo area.
    Much appreciated!
    Blue Skies

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    [QUOTE=Mr. Montana]www.propertybrazil.com [/QUOTE]
    Fala sério Monte de Merda! That site has the look and feel of a ‘Liquid Invest’ tentacle.
    This sounds awfully familiar:“All our real estate developments fulfill strict due diligence requirements and offer the very best investment potential in the Brazilian real estate market.
    Blue Skies, whenever you hear another gringo in Brasil speak about ‘due diligence’, when it concerns selling you anything, run, not walk, the other direction as fast as you can!!!
    Since you’re interested in properties in São Paulo, you need to consult SP specific realty sites. Try googling “imobiliária sao paulo” or even “imoveis sao paulo”. You should find PLENTY!

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    Thanks for your help – really i am looking for ones Brazzers would use themselves – rather than gringo ones! In the UK we have several ones like right move, find a property etc. With excellent search engines and high volume of users. Does this type of one exist here?
    I shall be aware of due diligence unless I am speaking to KPMG or Deloitte – in which case I shall run even quicker!

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    @blue Skies (and anyone else looking to buy RE in Brasil): If you haven’t checked out the website a certain under-the-bridge-dwelling, joined-less-than-a-month-ago (previously suspended?) forum member mentioned, you definitely should. It’s a prime example of what you want to avoid(other than the trolls that post on Gringoes), if looking to purchase property in Brasil.
    The first thing that should capture your attention at that site is the avalanche of hyperbole, superlatives, and vague and/or too-good-to-be-true promises. There are too many to mention here, but for anyone with an IQ of at least 90, they should be flashing “WARNING: BULLSH*T AHEAD!” before your eye balls as you read.
    These kind of sites are usually run by seasoned gringos, who play the confidence game with still-wet-behind-the-ears gringos; “We know where you’re coming from, because we’ve been there trust us” kinda tactic. Yet if the truth be told, more often than not, they made bad investments of some parched parcels of land at the end of a 50km dirt road to nowhere (and 60km from the closest mercado), usually located in the nebulous ‘NE’.
    Recently suspended forum member Amsterdam was (supposedly) from that region, and word on the street is his residency based on amnesty wasn’t approved, so he’s probably looking to dump his property in Alagoas on some unsuspecting gringo, before being booted out of Brasil for good (riddance).
    The second, and more revealing detail about this site is that they state: “As we live and breathe real estate in Brazil, Brazilian Homes offers our clients with the best property developments for sale in Brazil. We are not a company merely listing properties in Brazil. We are award winning and very selective real estate agents in Braziland we market only the best properties for sale in Brazil“.
    Yet in Brasil, to be a licensed real estate agent, to legally be permitted to sell real estate, one needs a registration number known as CRECI. I could not find a CRECI number listed anywhere on that site, which is, well, rather suspicious. If you happen to find one, please post it here, and I’ll make a retraction.
    So bottom line: Caveat emptor!
    But bless Mr. Montana’s precious heart for his effort. I’m sure he meant well. LOL

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    Bella 777
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    I simply can’t fathom why anyone would clutter up the forum by recommending propertybrazil.com in this case where OP clearly stated that he was focused on the Sao Paulo area.
    It is worse than useless advice, since propertybrazil.com doesn’t list a single property anywhere in the state of SP. In fact, most of their listings are in Pipa (or as the site itself describes it: “a very exclusive location in the chic beach town of Pipa on the Natal coastline.”)
    Instead, HalfGringa’s suggestions are immensely more useful.

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    webcasas, olx, vivareal, bomnegocio etc

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    [QUOTE=picolino]I simply can’t fathom why anyone would clutter up the forum by recommending propertybrazil.com[/QUOTE]
    That’s probably the best descriptor I’ve ever read about what trolls do best: “clutter up the forum”.
    EDIT: @HalfGringa, the site you say you love, axpe.com.br, is a dead link, and the site for sale. Yet the OP should find something from the others you provided.
    Gringo.Floripa2013-03-04 10:15:37

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    many thanks for the advice and information. Having had some experience in the international property world in days gone by, I am aware of the sharks that exist in such murky waters!
    Much obliged !

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    Bella 777

    [QUOTE=Gringo.Floripa][QUOTE=picolino]I simply can’t fathom why anyone would clutter up the forum by recommending propertybrazil.com[/QUOTE]
    That’s probably the best descriptor I’ve ever read about what trolls do best: “clutter up the forum”.
    EDIT: @HalfGringa, the site you say you love, axpe.com.br, is a dead link, and the site for sale. Yet the OP should find something from the others you provided.
    Dyslexic moment with the link. LOL
    Wrote apex, meant axpe.

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    I looked at the sites posted by Halfgringa but they only seem to be for S.P.
    Are there any good ones that cover the Joao Pessoa area or all of the Brazil?

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    [QUOTE=Mr. Montana]www.ScrewTheGringo.com [/QUOTE]
    Hmm…..very helpful i’m sure Stern%20Smile

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    Ranked on traffic, listings….
    Webmovel.com real.
    Those are as close to your trulia, zillow type of sites.
    Also watch for large brick & mortar marketers such as Lopes imóveis , Abyara
    There is not such a thing as MLS in Brasil. Nor you will find a lot of exclusivos. Só co- broke trqnsactions don’t happen as often.
    Tony. Globaltelebroker @gmail.com

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    Listing yourself in Agent directory that will be seen by Real
    Estate Investors all over the country. This is not a promotion to get you to buy anything. It is simply an invitation to expose your Real Estate Business to a large group of Investors looking to buy and sell properties in all areas of the country including yours.

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    you have forgotten to mention the town or city in which you want to purchase flat. however please find below the names of some web sites for patches of properties in India :-
    and many such others….

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    I’ve had a great experience talking with Rio Maravilha, they specialize solely in Rio de Janeiro real estate, but are fluent in both Portuguese and English.

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    Apartment buildings 123i.com.br. lots of usefull info on pricing, building location, specs. There are lots of ads as well

    General real estate
    Zapimoveis.com.br ( lots of useful information there ).
    Then there are the RE agency sites.
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    Is there anybody knows the best property website for north- east Brazil??? Thanks in advance!

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    Builders. If you are contemplating to buy a property on its launching stages:
    1. At the showroom ask for copies of the RI ( Registro de Incorporacao or Builder’s Permit. )
    2. Ask for the Memorial Descritivo. This is a descriptive report of all the construction details ( common abs private
    Areas. ). It tells you in details type of materials employed and where. It also gives you a general overview
    Of all relevant technical details.
    3. Save all copies of promotional literature. It is true developers tend to overstate and misrepresent facts, thus coming up short on what was promised and what is being delivered.
    4. Evaluate builder’s reputation. Reclame aqui dot com dot BR is a great source.
    5. Ask for copies of sales reserve forms and contracts.
    6. Watch for unecessaey fees. SATTI is optional. You should not pay for sales costs. It is the builder
    Responsibility to bear the paperworking processing costs up until the transfer of deed.
    On buying land.
    You need to go to city hall and to the Cartorio. Unless paying errands boy for attorney’s money us your thing , save this expense. The owner can provide a release of records so a competent escrivão do due dilligence.
    On buy all sorts if Real Estate.
    A good cartì≥rio and a good escrivão is all You need.

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    Another thing.
    If you really feel an attorney , or for that matter to heed on specialized council , and are willing to pay for such advice, then go right to the source and spare yourself from local shysters.
    Every reputable attorney knows the best of best are named on martindale directory.
    The stereotype of the typical Main Street Brazilian Attorney being inept is true.
    It cost money to run an effective practice. Databases, libraries , paralegals staff. Most shoe string attorneys here
    Can ‘to even bear the cost.
    Otherwise accountants and escrivães will do fine. The latter, in most cases, can do all the due diligence and
    Prepare for all the necessary docs.
    Besides, there is no Escrow for in country transactions. Monies are only exchanged when parties agree to terms,
    And all parties are only paid once the property is deeded.

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