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    Does anyone have any experience with getting a Power of Attorney set up in Brazil in order to buy a house/apartment?

    I’ve heard the Cartorio may provide a model to follow?
    Basically a relative is coming over to Brazil and we’d like to setup the POA during their visit as opposed to trying to get it done abroad. The idea being that everything would be in place to buy in the next few years should the current downturn give the expected and much needed reality slap to prices.
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    I set up a power of attorney for my husband to take care of whatever might happen while I was away, but I am not sure it would be valid for that kind of activity, I would be curious to know.

    In any case, I just went to the cartorio and used the model they gave me, adding two or three specific cases (a friend suggested I add them just in case- I added “banking transactions with Crappy Bank”, and “transactions with Caixa” or something). You have to pay them to do it anyway, I figured why reinvent the wheel.
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    sven van ‘t Veer

    In order to buy realestate a POA must be public and thus made up by the Cartorio.

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