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    This has already been asked in another thread but it looks like that one died out. Anyway, the UFRJ website says the portugues para estrangeiros class is R$500. Does that sound right or will there be any additional fees?

    Also, is there anyone here that has experience getting the student visa for taking a course like this? What was the process like? I work at an english school here in rio and they’ve offered to help me get a student visa to keep working with them but I don’t trust 100% that they can get it for me. Also I’d rather not continue being a slave for them Ouch. So I’m looking into this as another option.
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    i think the best place to look for this would be the Facebook groups- you get many more students participating, from what people tell me.

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    I think you looked at my post?

    i’m STILL stuck!! PLEASE let me know if you find a way.
    UFRJ won’t accept gringos, only through an exchange program.
    I think repeat THINK i may be able to do just the Portuguese para foreigners at PUC which is the cost of 4 unit credits! which is 9500 reais for a year including fees :
    I’ve heard caminhos can help get a visa and that costs 6000 reais more or less…
    Please keep me in the loop! How are you currently working there? Just stay ilegally ahaha
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    I got here about a month before the world cup and have stayed here ever since just on an expired tourist visa Ermm

    I’ve worked at an english school here in rio for a year and they’ve helped the teachers here get student visas. Not sure if they’ve been actually taking classes or not but apparently it’s worked before so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it works for me. Not sure how it’s gonna be but I’ve heard that if you re-enter the country on a new type of visa then your old status cancels out. Was just looking into taking a course in case the english school thing doesn’t work out
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    By the way I don’t recommend overstaying your visa Thumbs Down

    Do as I say not as I do!
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    This link might be of help to some people: http://braziliangringo.com/brazilian-student-visa/

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    Ah fair enough..

    Why isn’t over staying your visa good?
    Are you earning enough to live in Rio working with that school? is it limiting your wage by being illegal?
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    sven van ‘t Veer

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