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    Hi all,

    Has anyone studied ‘portugues para estrangeiros’ at a university? I’ve seen there is two: PUC And UFRJ.
    My main aim is to get a student visa for as long as possible but also at a fair price. What would you suggest?
    From what I gather of PUCs website, it is more like a subject. You study Portuguese whilst undertaking something else and you must have a minimum of 8 credits per semester which works out to be $R13.000 minimum according to their fees page. Once you do a placement test, the Portuguese level you study will give you either 6 credits or 4 credits, but either way you end up paying $13.000R and must study something else to get 8 credit points.
    The UFRJ website is no help? “Programa de Ensino e Pesquisa Portuguì™s para Estrangeiros (PEPPE), na Faculdade de Letras da UFRJ” and then PEPPE website says the course is $500R. Surely, that is a registration fee and not the course fee?
    I have not taken interest in language schools because I couldn’t find any long courses, does anyone know of any courses that go for 4 months like the ones at the University? The way I imagine it, is that I would pay $3000R for a 2 month course in a school and then go through a mighty hassle to get an extension and pay another $3000R (and possibly to redo the exact same course!). Furthermore, knowing Brazil one would probably have to apply from the home country meaning flights and more money….
    Thanks in advance!!
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    I might just add in there that $13000R does not seem like a reasonable price to me! Even being a Gringo. :)

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    That sounds way over the top money-wise. The sad thing is that you will learn numbers, colours, and fruit. Actually speaking will be difficult. RUN!!!!!!! Don’t do it!!!
    Just use it... study up on the structures and then try to use the language as much as possible. I did this and Portuguese is very easy after all these years. Now I’m applying the same logic to a difficult European language, and the problem I’m running into is lack of explanations, which we don’t have for Portuguese, GAD (graìßas ao Deus).

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    Never took English Courses way back 30 years Ago.
    I learned on the go.
    Read a lot.
    Watched a lot of TV
    Asked questions to opiniated people
    Changed jobs a lot.
    Took college credits despite poor English.
    Read lots of comics.
    Being a nosy Rosy helps.

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    Hi all!! thanks for your replies and perspective on my situation. Thumbs Up

    Maybe I should have been fully clear in my expression.
    My main interest is getting a year visa.
    and to twist things even more, my parents are from Portugal, I have Brazilian relatives (in SP) & have been to Brazil a few times, so my level of Portuguese is at least Advanced. Geek
    Surely the Portugues para gringos is more than just the basics, at least in a University surely?
    Over staying a ‘tourist visa’ by another 6 months is not my ideal way… I want a CPF and a way to get permanent residence later on which this student visa would help with.
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    pretty sure you can get a CPF as a tourist. why do you want permanent residency? (if i may be so bold to ask). I can’t see any way in which having a student visa now would help you with permanency later- either you have a basis for applying for permanency or not, they aren’t looking at your “permanent record”.

    it`s not like here if you are illegally overstaying you have a black stain on future applications. Should you decide to marry your girlfriend to become a permanent resident, for example, and you have to regularize your situation, you pay up, get the receipt proving you paid up, and that`s more or less it. the maximum fine is significantly less than the price of these courses.

    Also, there are no deportation squads here. Nobody is going to look askance at you or demand to see your papers.

    most of these courses are absolute crap (which is why so many people are disdainful of them, myself included) and just moneymaking schemes, even in a federal university. I was never able to find a course that went beyond basics. Even private courses, I was only able to find one person who would actually teach me in Portuguese- everyone else insisted on teaching Portuguese in English (maybe it works for some people, but for me it was pure WTF).
    Have you considered applying to do a one-year course at a university, not in portuguese but in some other subject? like a specialization course? especially if you already speak Portuguese and (it sounds like) you were already actually planning to attend the language course.
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    Ahhh good point 3casas!

    I think they only do CPF temporarily (with an expiry for tourists) but will have a google now.
    I want permanent residency because I love Rio and want to live there for the rest of my life :D
    That point you make about not having a black stain against your record is a good point! It is of course very different to Australia and it completely passed my brain.
    In saying that I still think having any visa other than tourist visa is more permanent in nature, I mean I can extend a student visa 10 times or change to another whilst being IN Brazil, where as Tourist Visa change can only be changed from Home Country or 1 extension only in Brazil to a max of 6 months.
    Lets say I was to overstay though and so I didnt have to go back to my home country…If I was to get an official job, I would need my papers in check?
    And using my Portuguese Passport I can also get Permanency after 12 months – I think! But that again would have to be all legal, the Government wouldn’t let the poor Portuguese people buy one way tickets, overstay their tourist visas and then get permanency. If that was the case Portugal’s population would be more than halved haha!
    I feel life is just eaiser if everything was to be above board.
    Private tutors could be the go to be honest. My level of Portuguese and it’s flaws are beyond standard textbook. I am scared though that my Portuguese is not Academic enough, but it is more food for thought and will now have a look at some courses!
    Thanks heaps!
    Sometimes I just need to hear things from someone other than my own thought!
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    you didn`t mention you were portuguese. if you are portuguese you don’t even need a tourist visa (and perhaps, cannot even get a tourist visa if you wanted one).

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    Does it have to be Rio? Have you thought about Florianopolis? I own a Portuguese school here, if you need any info, feel free to ask here or send me an e-mail: portuguesefloripa@gmail.com

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