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    Hey everyone!
    I’m having some trouble locating portuguese courses here in Joao Pessoa. I’ve pretty much been asking around all over town without any major success. I read somewhere that I should be able to find group classes at the Espaco cultural, but I went there today and that was not the case. They didn’t have any helpful advice for my search, so I am asking you guys what options do I have? I want to study for one or two months until my visa runs out and I really want to do it here in JP. Any information is highly appreciated!
    thanks in advance

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    They didn’t have any helpful advice for my search.

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    There are a bunch of gringos up there, a number of whom used to be on this forum, and who have a site touting all aspects of the area. Maybe they can get you some info: http://paraibaparadise.com/

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    Thats too bad Imish. I haven’t found anything yet either, so I cannot advice you, sorry.
    Jess, thanks! I’ve registered there now to be able to write on the forums but have to wait until they confirm my registration. Not sure if they’re still active on the site since they haven’t accepted my registration yet. :)

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    Hi, I live in Joao Pessoa. Not sure if it’s any use to you but I have one on one lessons. The teacher is very good. He charges R$30 an hour. I could put you in touch if you like?

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    Hey Escy! Yes, that’d be very nice of you! I’ll send you a PM with my contact details.

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    well. i dont think that we have portuguese courses here. never heard.
    but u can find a tutor.
    easy. :)

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    Hi, hate to hijack an old thread but it seems appropriate in this case.

    I am also looking for a private tutor in Joao Pessoa (Tambau) for regular lessons.
    If anyone can PM me details of someone that might be able to help, please let me know.

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