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    I have been to Brazil many times and love much about the country. I especially love the food. I live in the USA, but want to purchase the same cut of meat in the USA that is used to prepare “pichania” Can anyone tell me what I need to ask for in the USA meat counter to get a similar cut of meat???
    Thank you for any help.

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    Ask for tri cut roast, is the same.

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    I miss pao de queijo!!! I’ve had it from a few places in the US (Brazilian bakeries) – but it just isn’t the same

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    Hello SpinCyc34, I suppose you are Brazilian, right? Well, I am Brazilian and I am having problems with the food in the United States. Anyway,there some sites that you can buy Brazilian products online. I’ve already bought products in 2 of them and my products arrived ok here. U can also buy the “powder” to make “pao de queijo”. About the bakeries, it’s true…there is one in Newark, NJ hmmmmm. There is also a kind of catalog that you can buy for Brazilians that live here in the US. Online it’s http://www.obrasilusa.com. Here goes the sites of the Brazilian stores: http://www.cantinhodobrasil.com, http://www.brazilianshop.com, http://www.sendexnet.com

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