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    I have a copy of the first film (with an additional episode among the extras).
    This copy has English subtitles, but when I bought a copy of Os Normais 2, it was just in Portuguese. There’s a boxed set of all the episodes in my local Saraiva, but I suspect that this has no English subtitles either.
    I think that Os Normais is one of the funniest comedy series I’ve seen anywhere (parabens Brazil – at least you have ONE decent programme to show for your efforts). But they speak too fast for me to keep up with – no Portuguese subtitles either.
    Does anyone know if any copies with English subtitles (or at least Portuguese subtitles) exist?

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    It really depends how much you like the DVD to be honest… The English subs appear to be available here: http://www.allsubs.org/brazilian-subs/legendas-download/os-normais-2003-portuguese/2462332/ but these are in .srt format.
    The basic process (which you can google) requires a little technical knowledge, some free applications a PC and a DVD burner.
    You rip your DVD to a computer hard drive with something like DVD Decrypter. You then re-author it, adding in the subtitle file, having first checked the subtitles are in sync with the film – if not, you need to edit the subs to put them back in sync, which can be a case of jogging the whole lot forward by a few mili-seconds, or it can be every spoken line needs to be moved, which is a pain.
    Failing that, have a look at the boxed set – it should say if it has the subs on it, normally in small print on the back, near where it shows the runtime.
    Personally, I have all my DVD’s converted onto my hard drive, and play them back through XBMC or MediaPortal, where I can select subtitles, or download them on demand from one of the online resources.
    Good luck.

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    I know this is an old topic, but I’m Brazilian and I really like OS Normais, it’s a great series. I can help create subtitles and transcribe the text spoken in Brazilian Portuguese, but I will need help to translate the text into English (QC). If you interested, please contact me.

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