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    Not sure if there are any old-timers left here, but let’s see.
    Does anyone remember:

    Cruzeiros, Cruzeiro Novo, Cruzados, Cruzado Novo.

    No-one carried any money, because if you put 100 CR$ CN$, whatever, in your pocket
    at 8 a.m., it was worth 80 by 6 p.m.?
    When people paid for ice cream with a cheque?
    When, on payday, the supermarkets were mobbed, because people had to spend their money before
    it was worth much less 2 days later?
    When you left the country with $50 worth of local money and came back a month later,
    and it would maybe buy you a coke (a cola)?
    When you could only buy a car with cash, or through a “consorcio”, and it was condidered
    an investment?
    When a Chevrolet Opala was the top-of-the-line domestic car?
    When there were only 4 major car makers? Ford, WV, GM and Fiat. Not counting Gurgel and Puma.
    When nearly all cars only had 2 doors, even taxis.
    When VW Fusca taxis in Rio had the right front seat taken out to facilitate entry?
    When you could have dinner at a good churrascaria for $7/head?
    When there were at one time 3 different currencies in circulation, some of them just rubber-stamped with the new value.
    When everyone had 3 credit cards, all “vencendo” on different dates, so that you could still pay at more or less the same price?
    When you had to pay a 20% penalty at most shops when you paid by credit card?
    When, before bar codes, people ran ahead of the guys sticking new prices over the old price labels in supermarkets.
    When, if you wanted a phone, you had to buy or rent the “line”?
    When, in some areas, even with a pushbutton phone, some lines still worked on analog dialling?
    When you picked up the phone to make a call, sometimes you had to wait 30s for a dialtone?
    When the were no cellphones, and when they first came out they were state-owned companies, and you were charged for incoming calls?
    When there was no internet? Dial-up connections at 64 Kb/s?
    When cellphone roaming had to be applied for before traveling?
    When you could hardly ever find an English-speaker?

    And many other things, maybe some of the old-timers can remember them.

    Just saying, it was much more difficult in Brazil (for Brazilians) in the late 80’s, Gringoes had the advantage of the exchange rate if their money came from outside Brazil,
    and that is possibly where the “rich gringo” myth originated, during the hyperinflation times.
    It was a lot easier living for most ringoes then.

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