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    Hi all,

    I would like to find out about naturalizing as a Brazilian Citizen. I am a UK citizen married with my beautiful wife who is a Brazilian national. I intend to move there (Rio) at some point in the future, but would like some info to make the transition as smooth as possible when ready.

    1. Has anyone here ever done it? Please share your experience

    2. I would really love a step-by-step real life guide on documents needed, offices to visit etc from start to end

    3. I know there is a language test.. How hard is it? are there any hidden factors , is it intensive?

    4. if the request is based on marriage I think there must be a 1 year uninterrupted period where one must be resident in Brazil.. Is this absolutely necessary? is there a way around this if I am not yet prepared?

    5. How much does it cost

    6. does one need a lawyer?

    7. and lastly any downsides ? I’ve heard having to vote , register with the Military and issues with multiple citizenships as some of them….are there any other major complications or drawbacks

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    There was a great thread on the old forum that I can’t locate that showed step by step how to do it. It was posted by Molendinar, but I can’t find it in this new forum.

    3. Language test is easy, read something from the constitution, write a few sentences.

    4. Don’t think it has to be uninterrupted, just a year from the visa

    5. I spent quite a bit on documents as much as anything, not sure the figure, at least R$1,000, lots of it in cartorios

    6. No

    7. Not much

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    Today is your lucky day, found an old version that was cached. This stupid new forum keeps saying it is spam, when I copy and paste, but here is a link that should take you there


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    Very much appreciated Andrewfroboy, I’m looking at it now

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