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    Anyone know anything about this, it all looks wonderful, but if it’s too good to be true it usually is!

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    I have read about it before, and had an unpleasant discussion with someone involved with this project.
    Lets first start with the area. North of Natal is a dune area which may be a protected ambient of sorts, whether by law or not. Those turtles they show do not welcome loads of tourists either I am sure.
    Many project over there went down the drain. They were only partly sold and not finished or not even started, sometimes because of environmental problems (corruption with licenses), too high expectations of the possibilities, over-development (not conform the market) and sheer megalomania.
    So the big advantage of that airport being able to receive A380 aircraft is unclear, that same airport (the new one of Natal) was once advertised as going to be the biggest airport of the whole Latin America, now the claim is reduced to the busiest in the NE but that is an overstatement also with only a handfull flights a day.
    I am not sure where they get their “mineral” water. I suspect it is just rainwater. Thats OK. but it will be difficult to get the swimming pools free of algae etc. without chemicals. In fact, I don’t beleive the claims they make regarding health.
    I don’t beleive the claims they make regarding the solar energy either.
    Last but not least: I dont see a CRECI number anywhere.

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    Hard to say if the place is trustworthy or not, but the pricing is starting at about R$250k for the smaller property. I looked at a few places online, and that does seem on the cheap side.

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    I am still very much in doubt. There are things that i like, but also things that raise my eyebrows.
    Of course it would be attractive to choose solar energy for a house in the NE of Brazil, as the sun shines a lot more there than in F.Ex Europe. That is on the positive side.
    One can take it too far though.
    Warm water solar boilers are quite easy to install, are relatively cheap and can replace the very energy consuming electrical showerheads that are usual here (apart from the fact that they are dangerous).
    BUT, if you want to stay there year around I would not count on a system without at least an electrical back-up. The sun doesn’t ALWAYS shine.
    They make a big point of the fact that their water is not only MINERAL (which means about nothing) but also STERILE by nature. Nature can do a lot of things, but not that, I am convinced.
    You can purify water to a point with very low content of bacteries etc, f.ex. with reverse osmosis and UV radiation. But that costs ENERGY. It is no magic that comes for free.
    I dont see why you should shower with sterilised water.
    They also make a big point of the net income you could get from generating solar power and putting the excess in the electrical net. This looks like ECO- BS. The net has no storage, and if you have excess capacity (because it is daytime and the sun is shining) everybody else has that too. But at night, when you need the lights, the electricity company has to jump in.
    By the way: over 85% of the electricity in Brazil comes from hydro, that is already “green”.
    They claim that these houses do not need an airco, I doubt it very much to be honest. I for one cant sleep if the temperature doesnt drop below some 25 degrees celsius.
    But then again: these houses are obviously not meant to live in year around, They are basically for renting out to (other) europeans and that will be in de vacation june-august.
    The price quoted for the smallest villa is rather low. But is it with the solar PV system or is that just invisible? (and why would it be invisible). The plot is only 200 square meters, which I find rather small although the drawings and pictures (?) give a spacey impression. I wonder what the impression will be when you see it in reality.

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    Thank you for the feedback – Food for thought!

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    Lots of planned communities with fancy names have been sold to Europeans and Asians yet never built.
    Lots of scams in the NE of Brazil. In fact I find any project in Brazil marketed to Foreigners and not Brazilians a big red flag.
    Any project with Eco in Brazil is a huge red flag. Coconut schemes and land baks, planned communities are red flags.

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    Simply the name “myhouseinparadise” should be enough to warn the wise buyer away. the goal of effective marketing and advertising is to sell dreams and take your money. beware of paradisical promises.

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    I agree! The name is absurd and has all the sophistication of a cigarette advertising campaign in Africa. They are either out to catch the hapless, unsophisticated buyer, or are honest people but have no real clue about how to successfully market a business. Whichever it is, I don’t think you would want to part of it.

    Or maybe they want to keep it simple to attract retired simple souls like maids and porteiros, in which case I wonder why it’s written in English.

    man of leisure2014-11-12 09:47:01

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    Not that relevant, but happened across this today from the UK, where you can get paid for returning energy into the grid. I have not heard of this initiative being available in Brazil – do any Brazilian Energy companies pay the end user for returning power they have generated?

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    i don’t know the particulars but as it happens i did a translation of a feasibility study for a small thermoelectric plant a few weeks ago and some codes were cited in the text, the one mentioned in this article, in particular. http://www.ecodebate.com.br/2012/12/14/populacao-brasileira-podera-produzir-a-propria-energia-eletrica-e-fornecer-o-excedente-as-concessionarias/

    i don’t know if this is still valid, or not, since the study I was working on was not exactly a backyard operation… but for them, free access is guaranteed to distribution and transmission systems belonging to the utility, minus reimbursement for transport costs, which is subject to the utility granting an authorization, maybe with the intervention of ANEEL.
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    [QUOTE=finrudd]Not that relevant, but happened across this today from the UK, where you can get paid for returning energy into the grid. I have not heard of this initiative being available in Brazil – do any Brazilian Energy companies pay the end user for returning power they have generated?[/QUOTE]
    This is already standard practice for most regions in the US. I’ve spoken with some engineers at Celesc, the power company here in SC, about several issues I’m trying to resolve on my sito, and this topic came up. I was told, more than once, “em breve”. Of course, in Brasil, that could mean in the next decade (or two).
    @3casas: Great link!
    EDIT: Back on topic, this development looks like yet another project by this “Sir Anthony” character, who seems to be wanted by a lot of people that want their money back….
    Gringo.Serrano2014-11-12 15:17:09

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    maarten, I’m sure it’s a scam, and the 250K price seems low. There are so many of those complexes up here it’s insane. But to offset a bit of the BS in there…

    Natal doesn’t require AC, we see temperatures that go from about 22-30 to 26-32 in summer. We don’t see the extremes that other areas in Brazil see, even though we’re right at the equator, it just doesn’t get that hot.
    Next up, we have a constant breeze that I don’t think I’ve ever seen disappear. It’s a brutal breeze, it destroys literally everything. I have stainless steel items that I used to just leave outside (like my bike) for months on end. Now it’s in doors, in a ventilated under cover area and it’s rusting. But that breeze really keeps the area cool. I dontn even have a way to put AC in my house, all of the windows have permanent open slats on them, above every door are slats. Basically it’s one big airy house!
    Not sure about the power requirements, but if you look on solar maps of the world, there are only a few places that get the higest ratings. Some in the sarah, some in around nevada/california area, and natal. I’m looking at getting some panels, or building my own. Haven’t figure it out yet! But we get the 2nd most sun light of any city in the world. I think athens might get more?
    If you aren’t running an ac, have a fridge, some fans and a small LCD tv, it probably wouldn’t cost that much to install all the solar you would need! I’m guess 4-6 panels would do it for most houses! That would barely cover the base line usage in the US, but here, it would probably be more than enough!
    North of Natal are huge wind turbine farms, its a great area for wind farming. I have a friend who is involved in that, and I’m betting they could setup a very small wind turbine on many of those homes that would probably produce enough energy over the course of 24 hours to offset almost all of your needs!
    If you had solar hot water heating, that would eliminate the need for those electrical hot water heaters which chew up a tremendous amount of power! I’m guessing that ours probably consume about 1/3rd of electric bills up here.
    The biggest problem with their advertising is getting to the north would cost you a fortune in Taxi fares. There wouldn’t be anything up there when you go there! and of course there is masses of land in and around natal that hasn’t been sold, so this would be essentially impossible to sell.
    The airport continues to be a boondoggle. They insisted on charging large amounts of taxes to international flights, to the point that their only current international customer is moving to Jaoa Passo.
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    That is a scam for sure. The prices are quoted in EUR but in reality those places are not even worth that much in BRL.

    And as for 380’s landing in the new natal airport—that may never happen. That terminal is very small and it will never become a big international airport. It is also in the middle of nowhere, disconnected from everything and there are still no proper roads connecting the airport all the way to the city.
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    The first time we red about the project we also thought this is too good to be true.

    Nevertheless we went overthere. And in fact you have to sea this to believe.
    Very nice environment, very nice houses and very nice people !
    We already went several times on holiday there. We love it !
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    scams and skems in brazil are quite common.

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