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    My girlfriend and I are moving to Brazilin July and are seeking some information that will assist us with our moving plans. We love this site by the way particularly the articles and forum.

    Just to offer some background information, we are from the UK, in our early 30’s and are moving to Brazilto open a posada/hostel business. We do not speak Portuguese and will need to hire the services of a good Lawyer, realtor and translator, to assist us in establishing the business and obtaining permanent residency status, CPF numbers, etc.

    We have read many articles on this site about moving to Brazil and know it is not going to be easy, but having moved several times previously know it never is. Sabrina and I would really appreciate any assistance you can offer in answering our questions.

    1/ How long realistically will the Investment Residency Visa process take before we receive our CIE cards?

    2/ Approximately how much of the $50,000 will be left once it has gone through Bank of Brazil. How long before I can withdraw the funds to invest in the business/buy property etc?

    3/Can we apply for the Investment visa together. (In other words do we have to apply separately($100.000, or can the $50,000 cover a non married couple starting a single business together?)What’s the least expensive way for a non married couple of gaining permanent residency status.?

    4/ Approximately how long will it take to obtain a legal business licence once we find a pousada to lease or buy?

    5/ Can we apply for Investment Visa and a CPF # from the UK?

    6/ Approximately how much will a good lawyer charge for these services?

    Thanks for any advise you can offer. We greatly look forward to our adventure so please help us along our way. Life ain’t a rehersal, enjoy it everyday!

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    Well, send me an email, I can find people who will be willing to help you. I’m brazilian and I live in São Paulo.

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    Hi I am an American in Rio and have been living here for 8 years if you need help email me at americanteacher@terra.com.br

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    Hi Stuwey,

    I’m an Australian married to an English/Brazilian who emigrated to Rio from the UK last year. We opened a hostel in Ipanema called The Mango Tree. As long as you don’t want to open up next door to us we’d be happy to give you any advice you might need.

    With respect to the lawyer costs, ours quoted R$8000 (nearly US$4000) for the whole job but quickly accepted R$1000 (US$500). Get them to quote for the whole process and not by the hour. There will be other administrative fees such as registering for the different taxes (yes, you have to pay a lump sum of around R$1000 just so you can pay tax, the DARF-SIMPLES think). We can probably give you a list. Beware of planning laws as if you have more than 10 rooms you are a hotel and will require that type of licence. With this you will be required to submit a fire project to the bombeiros (don’t expect any favourable help from them) as well as local sign off on any building work you have done. It is an endless cycle of requests from seat-polishers whose title “Public Servant” is an utter misnomer.

    You’re going to tear your hair out along the way but it’s lots of fun.


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    what are your rates Lancey?

    Do you have a website? Camzao39215,87

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    I do Camzao, it is




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    Hi guys,
    Im living in UK and wanting to setup a brazilian company and bank account so I can get an investor residency visa before I move to Brazil in November.
    I have had several quotes here from Lawyers here in London and in Brazil ranging from 1500 – 2500 pounds, and some wont even give me a quote until i pay for a consultation.
    The trouble I have is
    a) finding the cheap lawyer for 1000reais like LanceyD, wow lanceyD that is cheap!
    b) trusting the lawyer enough to transfer $50,000 into a bank account that they have power of attorney over.
    I hope someone can help me, as its less then 5 months until i leave and i havnt even found a lawyer yet. I have been told it can take anywhere between 4 and 6 months.
    any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Stuwey, the article below may answer some of your questions.


    Feel free to send me an email if you need further information.


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    I do Camzao, it is





    I’ve sent you a pm Lance

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    HELLO, I am a 31 yo, hungarian woman, living in Brazil a year today (24th. sept. 2007). As professional translator of six languages (english, portugues, spanish, french, hungarian, romanian, grman and italian -text only) , and although specialised negociator trained in U.K. OK! Here is my e-mail contact: thornmiukmi6@yahoo.co.ukand I am already grateful for your time. Permanent residency in Brazil you may get the easiest and cheaper way is having a baby here in Brazil (still…). If you come as investor here the amount is $50.000 yet burocracy is quite complicate here. And YES you definitely need a lawyer , english speaker and a translator together everytime you have a deal, a contract here in Brazil. Gather opinions from both foreigners (”gringos”) and local people (brazilian english speaker). After this first year my conclusion is that it is MARVELLOUSE living here…yet…IT IS NOT THE PROMISED LAND!!! Waiting warmly futurly messages posted on gringos.com page or to my personal e-mail, if any. Thank you for your time and it’s worth to give a try even for the first 3 month non-visa entrance in Brazil. Regards, Maryah Schilkraut

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