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    I would like some of you helping me with a few reference and comments of moving companies. I’ll be moving from US to Rio de Janeiro-Brazil.

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    You should hire a good moving company which provides you better facilities and services at reasonable rates. It’s not a tough task but you have to gather whole information about a moving company and then go for it.

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    I am on the same situation, relocating from VA to Rio. I have friends that used Crown to handle their move from Miami to Rio, so I called Crown up and scheduled a visit from one of their agents to get a quote. Note that I had to call them twice – they are either too busy or are not too responsive.
    Their site: http://www.crownrelo.com/
    This is the third company I contacted but the only one that replied.
    My friends from Miami are going to spend between $10K to $12K for door-to-door service of a 40 foot container delivered at the port of Rio de Janeiro.

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    Thanks for taking my call. I’ve sent you an email with the information you asked and I am looking forward to your reply.

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    I’ve being working on finding the better (and cheaper way) to ship my GF stuff from California to Sao Paulo and would recomend talk to SIMEX relocations (USA), G-Inter and Transworld (Brazil).
    Otherwise, can you share your findings via PM? Are you shipping your container having a permanent visa already?
    Good luck and best regards!

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    I am planning to return to Brasil, Sao Paulo, with my wife beginning next year and have searched a bit:
    in Brasil: g-inter; crown relocations; gerson & grey; metropolitan
    Broker in US: Sirva
    in US: all big Van lines (Allied, United, North American, Stevens, United Van)
    You can also try Transfer&Storage companies in the US. They are connected to the big Van lines … or sometimes have their own vans.
    I think I will go with one of the companies in Brasil. Door-to-Door service will it be without any doubt and I will not only consider the cheapest offer, as the final bill will be always higher!
    I moved from Brasil to the US with Gerson & Grey; they did an excellent service!

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    Hi all
    I moved to Brazil in 2008-2009 and used Pack and Go, Who are based in the United Kingdom (West London) who were really resaonable at the time, but unfortunately now that i am looking to head back to Brazil the company is out right super expensive.
    they current Quote: £440 per cubic meter (over 10 cm3) or £550 per cubic meter for 5m3 and under.
    OUCH… plus ¬£240 for document handling ..
    So The Question of the hour is .. are there any other company who can ship goods to brazil with reasonable prices? And are experienced and trustworthy?
    Does anyone have any solid leads? I am willing to use shippers from Ireland or Mainland EU?
    PLease give me a shout to help me out.

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    Agree with Derek, you should hire that moving company which can facilitate you well and move your possessions without any damage.

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