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    Hi guys n gals,

    I was wondering if anyone has had to deal with divorce, Im still married to a Brazilian, he is there im in the uk. We have a daughter who lives with me. He has started a family back in Brazil, but we are still married!!
    I just want to know where I stand as Im so confused….
    He pays nothing towards his daughter, he has served divorce papers but… I WIL NOT sign as they are not correct and i do not agree… LOOOOONNNG story. x x x
    PLEASE HELPConfused
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    SVEN???!?!?!?!! If you use the Facebook groups, try to find Sven. He is a long time poster here and a real bonafide lawyer. He is an expat so he sees things from more than one perspective.
    Good luck!
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    sven van ‘t Veer

    Where where you married?

    Did he file for divorce in the UK or in Brazil? If he filed in Brazil, did the papers reach you through a letter of rogatory?
    Feel free to PM me I need a lot more details to give you the correct answer.
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