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    I’m american. 3 years ago I married my Brazilian wife in Brazil.
    BEFORE we married, my visa had expired but we were able to marry here in Brazil just the same.
    Fast forward 3 years later…I’ve been living in Brazil for the last 3 years with my expired visa.
    I want to now get a RGN, CPF and apply for permanent residency. Please somebody inform me what I need to do to get these documents.
    1) Do I need to pay a penalty fee for my overstayed visa? If yes, how much will this cost?
    2) What steps do I need to get an RGN, CPF and permanent residency? How much are the fees for these items?
    CuriousGuy2015-07-13 21:20:01

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    1) No.

    2) Local addy and R100
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    GringoRecife: Thanks for your reply.
    1) You said “NO”. You sound very emphatic and certain. Are you speaking from experience?
    2) R$100.00 is all it costs for me to get a CPF and RGN???
    After I apply, how long does it take to receive these docs in my hand???
    I assume, in addition to providing my local address, I’ll also need to show my passport correct?

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    1) Yes. From experience

    2) For CPF only. DK about RGN
    3) 3-6 months
    4) Yes show passport
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    What is DK??? = “Don’t Know”????
    CuriousGuy2015-07-13 23:57:16

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    Does anyone out there know how much the fee is to apply for “permanent residency”?

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    Yes dk is don’t know. How much is total residency when is all said and done? Who really knows? Paperwork, copies, taxi rides, flights, lawyer fees, embassy overnight hotels, wife allowance, kid expenses, plus your time cause time = money. I’d guess R5k.gringo.recife2015-07-14 04:16:29

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    No need for lawyers, they just streamlined the process, I did it in the old longer and more expensive way. Looks like permanent residency is only R$102, though at least in my day you needed a second process to get the RNE card

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    I am going to apply for PR sometime very very soon. Now this may only apply to me who is a foreigner with a foreigner non Brazilian wife but the baby will be Brazilian so bear in mind the explanation below.

    So that out of the way, I was asked to provide all documents (obviously original) from the country of ORIGIN, then LEGALIZED at the embassy of ORIGIN.
    The key here is ORIGIN. I was told I can not legalized it in Brazil only from the country where I am a national.
    So let’s say for our sake I am from country Y. I need the original birth certificate from Y, residency from Y, marriage certificate from Y. All these need to be legalized at the Brazilian embassy in country Y.
    Now keep in mind, my child is going to be Brazilian and we (parents) are not Brazilian. So in your case, your wife is Brazilian so it might differ.
    After all documents are legalized, we now have to take it to a LEGALLY CERTIFIED translator in BRAZIL (the embassy has the data on who is legally certified). You can not get it translated in country of origin.
    Then bring all this crap to the police and start the process.
    For my situation the most important thing was get all the papers stamped in home country, get it legalized before going to Brazil. Get it translated in Brazil. File the papers.
    I am not sure what papers are needed but I got everything possible including a criminal record just in case I need it.
    The process will take anywhere from 2-6 months and during this time you need an address and some kind of bill. Can be gas, H20, electricity, phone, etc etc. in your name.
    Now you can pay someone to do this for you but it will probably cost anywhere from 2000-5000 USD. And that doesn’t include you getting the papers.
    As for the cost, getting the documents legalized was 10 USD a page. The only one I didnt need to get legalize but did anyway was the passport. The guy at the embassy told me that I can do that in Brazil much cheaper and they do not require it from the country of origin.
    Total cost. For us, the doctor, hopital, apartment, hotel, flights. I’d say 40,000 USD in the end. Doctor 6000USD. Hospital 4000 USD. Plane (biz class x 2) 8500. Apartment, 8500 USD @6 months. Hotel, 2000. Paper work 1000 USD. Food and fun, god knows how much.
    Hope that helps you or anyone searching. Once again, I am not Brazilian, My wife is not Brazilian, but my child will be Brazilian.
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    Total cost with kids in the end, I’d say 50,000 USD in the end.

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    I recalculated. You’re right it’s between 45,000 and 55,000. As high as 70,000 if you plan on moving and in the future and want to do the ground work to where you want to relocate.

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    T M S

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