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    Hi there.
    I tried searching here (and elsewhere) for information on how to forward my personal mail from the US to Brazil and what other expats would recommend as a reliable mechanism to keep on top of things like:
    * American bills (though mostly these are online today)
    * Credit cards (they do expire and new cards are needed)
    * Letters
    My objective is not to bypass the import restrictions that Brazil may establish or do anything illegal. I just will still have a life in the US after I move, and forwarding my mail to Brazil efficiently and cost effectively is what I’m looking for.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Yep, found all of those in my google searches. I’m leaning towards this one:
    But I was hoping someone had personal experience with one of them…

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    Cousin? Mom dad? Free !!

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    That would be nice, but we don’t have any other family in the US. 🙁

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    my suggestion would be to find (or cultivate) some friend who would be willing to receive your mail. Eventually it will be necessary for you to get your Driver’s License renewed, or some documents sent to you which can only be sent to a US address (my bank will only send to a US address, for example, as of late). You will need to have some local address, somewhere.

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    difficult to transfer mail from US to Brazil unless you use your new address in Brazil

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    what reqs need to occur when moving yet attempting to retain a US mailing address?
    I assume address changes must be made with USPS and IRS, possibly DMV. Any others? consulate? SSA?

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    There are many services in US now for mail forwarding services that may fits your needs. I love traveling around the world and having a virtual po box was the best option I did before I set off, Now I can handle all my snail mails and packages from anywhere by my mobile, I can choose to get document scanned or to have it forwarded to me where ever I am . You can try this they are not expensive like Earthclassmai. try postscan mail

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