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    I’m have moved to Brasil from Canada to live with my fiancì© for 1 yr until we get paper work approved to move to Canada. So we are looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment that is furnished. My max budget is R$2000 reais, would prefer to be around R$1500 if possible. My fiance is moving from Rio to live with me. Rio is so expensive so we move to SP where we both have friends too.

    If anyone knows of websites I can search, please send me message.
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    http://vivareal.com.br/ this one is one of my favorites, a nicer design than most

    http://www.zapimoveis.com.br/ this one has way more postings
    If you’re not set on being in a really nice area you can do it on your budget.
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    Not within your budget, but I was hearing just yesterday about an apartment block in Alameda Lorena, Jardims where furnished apartments are going for around R$2.800 – R$3.000 per month, plus condo and IPTU fees. I mention this because it gives an idea of a nice area in Central Sao Paulo and what R$3k per month can get you. The building was originally built as an apart-hotel but is now all flats, and has 14 flats sitting empty for rent at the moment, hence the prices are heading downwards in order to get them let.
    Depending on the area, you should be able to get something suitable within your budget.

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