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    Sorry to disappoint you but you won’t even get a room, let alone a studio in the Centro area….. Sorry – posted too soon!! Forgot to add ‘ for R$400 a month’. Bubbles2010-05-06 13:53:01

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    A good friend of mine rents a room of a Family in laranjeiras – all bills included and she pays R750.00 per month and its not even that well located with a long walk to shops and transport.
    Hope this gives you an idea on what you might pay – you can get lucky and find good deals.
    Good Luck!

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    A studio apartment in the terrirao (the quasi-favela at the end of Recreio) will set you back R$400 a month easy, unfurnished, not including bills and condominium fee.

    I lived briefly in an unfurnished studio apartment that was about the size of my parents living room in the US in Bras de Pina (Zona Norte) for R$250/month, including bills. That was a special deal because the owner was a good friend of my husband’s godmother. The weekend before we moved out, 3 kids were shot in the soccer field on the street next to ours in broad daylight. That apartment also had a rat problem before we got our cat. My husband’s family rents out an unfurnished studio apartment style guest house in their back yard in Penha for $350/month, because they rent it to friends. The only bill that covers is water and Tia Gloria bugs you a lot if she things you are using too much. “Reasonably priced” in most of Rio for a furnished studio apartment will be a good R$1500+ including condominium fees and other bills. It will likely require a hefty deposit.

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    Updated prior post..

    Remember that bills are expensive in Brazil ….I have a 1 bed apt and with condomium fee, tv/internet, water, electricity, annual tax (/12), etc that’s $r400 straightaway….

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    Yes, bills alone are $r400+ monthly….

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    sven van ‘t Veer

    [QUOTE=Superbizzee] Thanks, but I’d appreciate it if you tell me why. Also, where should I be looking instead?[/QUOTE]
    The “why” is simple. Furnished studios go for about R$ 1000 for a month lease. And only if you really really look well.sven2010-05-06 15:24:22

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    sven van ‘t Veer

    These are mostly republicas though. Shared rooms. I saw 1 in Laranjeiras, R$ 540 month. But looks to be in a favela.

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