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    Evening folks;

    Just wondering if anyone on here has experience with or perhaps knows someone that has rented a vehicle for a long stretch of time in BRazil? We are going to be in Brazil for about three months in 2016 and for 4-6 months the following year. So, if this was Canada, I’d just buy something cheap and reliable in the 3000-5000 range like an old mini-van…but of course, Brazil is not Canada and this is not an option. So, I’m wondering if a long term rental service exists?
    Any other ideas or suggestions are most welcome.
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    sven van ‘t Veer

    I did this in Decemer/January if this year with Localiza. When renting for over 20 days, the price drops aroun 50%. My platinum visa car has car insurance if you rent a car, so that also was deducted from the price. Payed around 7K for 1 month and 20 days with 5000 km a month of free kilometres for a 2 liter Renault Duster with 2300 km on it.

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    You most likely won’t be able to buy a car, unless you have someone in your party that is Brazilian. You’ll need to have a Brazilian address, and you’ll probably need/want insurance, which wouldn’t be that much, but would be impossible without an address.

    Make sure you have medical, because the chances of an accident down here are pretty high.

    Buying and selling a car around here is probably going to be hit or miss for you as well. Buying an “old” car is pretty dangerous financially, because if anything breaks, you’re not going to have an easy time fixing it for anything reasonable, unless you spend a few months figuring out where to find the right guys to fix the thing that is broken, versus replacing those parts.
    Trying to get rid of that car, I have no idea how fast it would be to sell something like that. If it’s old, no one will want (with money that is), and you’ll be left with people asking if you’ll trade things for it, or if they can pay you over the next 10 years… or whatever other unreasonable thing they can think of :)

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    I can’t remember where I read it but it would be a great cautionary tale for you about the guy that bought a second hand car for similar reasons to your own. To cut a long story short there was an immediate outlay on unforeseen repairs and then when he left he sold it to his ‘trusted’ family friend who promised to pay him in installments. The first two or three payments dutifully arrived on time and then… nothing. After a struggle he somehow got the car back but now it had even more mechanical problems to throw money at. Luckily a friend of a friend promised to pay him a cash lump sum but only once he received his inheritance….

    I think you can see how this story goes on.
    I rented a Chevrolet Cobalt for a month last January for R$2000 from Foco Aluguel de Carros. At first sight it’s an ugly sedan but by the end of the month it had won me over with it’s balance of comfort, economy and spaciousness both for passengers and a 563 litre trunk. In fact if it was just a little cheaper I might even consider buying one.
    I also regularly rent basic 1.0 litre cars with A/C for between 60-75 reais a day.
    Please, for the love of god, rent a car and save yourself a headache.
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    Just so you guys all know, great tips !

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    Yep, great tips for sure. My predicament is that we won’t be traveling much during the week. We’ll travel back from our beach house to the in-laws on the weekend. Outside of that, it’s for the odd outing and running errands once or twice a week. We’re pretty much just going to be working on our house while we’re there for the three months so it kindu sucks to spend a couple grand a month for something that only gets used a couple times a week…but I guess that’s the price you pay for short term stays.

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    A couple of times a week, and you aren’t really travelling anywhere? Just go with taxi’s then, walk, or reduce your shopping trips by buying more at once, or buying things that will last a bit longer.

    Rent only when you need it, like if you’re going out for a weekend getaway — at which point you can drive back, do shopping and one of your weekly shopping trips would be done.
    Or if you’re planning on coming back later, just keep the car?
    Don’t leave anything in that house when you leave it (after 3 months), including appliances, knives, forks, light bulbs.. it’ll all be gone when you come back :)
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