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    Hi everyone,
    I am a foreigner living in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil. Just wanted to see if there were any other foreigners living around here, and to try to make some new connections :)
    I am also learning Portuguese, so language partners too would be great!
    I hope to hear from some of you soon :)

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    I see its been a year since you moved to Sao Jose. I on the other hand just arrived. Just wanted to know how you’ve found it? perhaps which language school you used? and how you are getting on?
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    Thanks for your replies! It is definitely different living in Brazil, but SJC is a nice area :)
    And being here for the World Cup is definitely an experience!
    Thanks for your offer jennerjcruz! I have been here for a while now, and getting by.. Still working on the language, Portuguese is a hard language :) I need to work on my conversational language skills :)

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