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    Hi forum readers,
    I’m looking for a language school in Rio with challenging classes and reasonable fees. Are there specific schools that you would suggest? I’d like to take classes part-time, probably for several months – I’ll be in Brazil for 6 months or longer. I already speak a fair amount of Portuguese (I can read books, make myself understood in conversations) but would like to move from basic competency to fluency. I’m not that concerned with high-tech facilities, but definitely want something that’s fast-paced and well-taught.

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    What neighborhood would suit you best?

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    I’m not sure which neighborhood for classes, but I think we’re looking at living around Botafogo.

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    Really depends on your budget. The language schools will be billing you anything from R$80 up to R$150 per hour for one to one teaching (Berlitz is the most expensive). Group lessons can be R$50 per person. You’ll need 2 or 3 lessons a week to register any rapid progress. You might be better finding an independent teacher – someone who would ordinarily work at one of the popular schools. This way you can get a better price as they won’t be billing you for the company overhead. They can come to you, or you can go to their place if that is more convenient. When I first came to Brazil I started having lessons in a school in Ipanema for R$90 per hour but when I realised that they had simply hired-in the teacher to service me and that he was getting peanuts, I left the course and made a separate arrangement with the teacher. I paid less, he got more, and Bob’s your uncle!
    I know a really good teacher in Botofogo who teaches mainly in oil and gas multi-national companies, where they have ex-pat directors who have arrived and need rapid progression, but also has private students. Let me know if you want the details and I’ll send you a PM.
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    BethM,,,were you able to get your lessons?
    I am looking for lessons as well. Private or small class preferred, 3 or 4 days per week. I will be living in Marica but can go into Rio if necessary. In Marica there is IBEU and CNA. Anyone have experience with these schools?

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    I have a friend who studied at IBEU in Rio and she gave very positive feedback about the course. It’s ‘semi intensive’: 8 hours per week, four days a week for four weeks. They have three different levels. I think it’s about R$1000 for the four weeks. The groups can be up to 10 or something but are often a lot smaller.

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    thanks naomiorton,,,I am checking IBEU online and will stop at their office in Marica when I arrive,,,hopefully they will have the course in Marica as it is a little closer to my house than Rio rsrsrs,,,

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    IBEU (Instituto Brasilheiro Estados Unidos) has locations around Rio. they mostly teach English to Brazilians but there are 3 levels of intensive portuguese classes. I took one in Copacabana and found it very well structured, skilled instructors and small class sizes. Highly recomend them. Av N.S. de Copacabana 690 / sala 904 / Rio de Janeiro Tel.: (21) 3816-9400.

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