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    Hi all, I would like to know if anybody can offer me some information on finding work in Brasil…. I am a Microsoft consultant with good qualifications, I am of dual nationality Brasilian English, so work permits will not be a problem. I can speak and read the language but am unable to write, everybody tells me this will not be a problem???? Is it hard to find work in Brasil??? What is the best way of finding work in Brasil Should I find a job, prior to moving? and any other question I have forgot to ask :) Thanks in advance for any responses, Sean.

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    Hi Sean! As long as april/2004 up november/2004 I was living in UK (London and Hampshire). Nice place. Nice people. People from abroad are usually wellcome in Brazil. Specially, in terms of jobs in addition, if English is theirs first language. First of all: I think you may watch the site: http://www.apinfo.com. Secondly: You may also translate you CV to portuguese. If you want, I can try to help you. Cheers.

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