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    Is the Gringoes.com site ever coming back to life?

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    Certainly would seem that way. Maybe the strong dollar will eventually bring more people around. It is a shame, this site or the old one at least was an amazing help for me. No way I would’ve sorted through the paperwork without it.

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      In the past there have been offers to buy the site from the present owners.
      If the present owners are not going to do their best to revive it maybe those offers should be considered.

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    kevin owen

    The site just seems to have dropped off the edge of a cliff. Where have all the regular contributors gone?
    I didn’t comment as much as a lot of people but I used to look in every couple of days and reaaly enjoyed some of the threads.
    Unless there is some drastic action I fear that’s the end.

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    I think some people were put off by the foolishness with the names. And change is hard.
    Nevertheless, this site was what we made it- if we post things, people will come. I will also consider putting up an announcement on the FB groups I’m in, but so many people are alienated by the name gringoes because of the absolute craphole that the gringoes FB group is. Also, I don’t want to suggest people come til the content gets migrated, because there is not much point.

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    I have not been back in weeks, because last time I tried to post something, it kept logging me out.

    I agree with 3C – its what we make of it, but it does seem it is exactly what we make of it right now. Also, without the weight of information that the old forum had, it has no reason to attract new visitors.

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