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    I just rented an apartment in Rio for the next 2 months, and am trying to set up internet access. The problem is, in order to get service (through Oi), we have to sign a one-year contract, with a huge cancellation fee if we duck out early. Does anyone have information about how to get around this? Are there other providers besides Oi that might have alternate plans? We’re going to talk to the landlords about whether they might be willing to put the plan in their name, then tack the price onto the rent, but if this doesn’t work, we’ll be spending a whole lot of time and money in internet cafes.

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    sven van ‘t Veer

    AFIK there is no way to get out of this. I don’t know of any broadband internet that does not have one year contracts.

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    Where are you living in Rio? There are a number of free wi-fi spots dotted around the city (and not only in hotel lobbies).

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    As i said in another post we are on MBM LARGA no contract pay R$50.00 per month and can cancel any month and get put back on anytime R$15.00 reconnection charge. The fella is coming tomorrow to collect payment i will ask him if available in Rio.

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    We got around it by putting the internet account in the name of a cooperative Brazilian relative who wanted to switch internet providers anyway. So, we have internet at our temporary apartment on the beach, but will transfer it after two months to our relative’s permanent address, with proper notice, to replace her existing internet provider. One needs to give 30 days notice in cancelling/replacing internet providers. So, if you have a cooperative Brazilian friend or relative who wants to change internet providers in two months time, perhaps this might work for you too. Hope this helps.

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