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    Hey people , yes! You guessed it right I live in India and I really want to learn Portuguese Smile. I’m 17 years old and determined to learn this language , any help from you guys will by greatly appreciated LOL. I also want to know the difference between Brazilian and Portugal Portuguese.
    Super Thanks in advance SmileLOLBig smile!!!!

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    Welcome Apache.Indian!

    Do people still speak any Portuguese in Goa? While it probably won’t be Brazilian Portuguese, it might be a good place for you to start learning? I heard that various of the flora and fauna in Brazil is not actually native to South America, but was brought over by the Portuguese from various other countries, most notably the Jaca Fruit from India, and the Palm Tree (but I am less sure about that one).
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    Yeah some people in India (Goa) still speak Portuguese , but I want to learn from you guys , I mean I want to learn Brazilian Portuguese Smile

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    I am Brazilian. Are you still interested in learning Portuguese?
    I want to learn Hindi. If you want we can exchange our knowlegde.
    Please, answer my mail.
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    Salam My Indian brother.
    There is no substitute in acquiring speaking skills than to live in the country you seek to Learn the language from.
    Having said that , where would be best to learn from ? Well, there are differences in Portugal and Brazil. In both countries you will be subject to the subtle regional accents and vocabulary. Yet the Portuguese practiced in Portugal is more formal in its delivery, whereas the Brazilian Portuguese, with its regional variations, is more meaning towards casual and is often corrupted by new foreign words and terms.
    You can also find Portuguese speaking enclaves and communities in
    USA : Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, Atlanta , Los Angeles.
    South Africa. Huge madeirense community
    Goa obviously
    There is a better advantage in learning the Portuguese in Portugal. You will be looked with more reverence and awe as if your standing would be in the higher pecking order. So head out to Porto, and in no time you will be speaking and nagging and using your hands profusely.

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    I don’t know if it is any god any more but Live Mocha was a cool way to hook up with natives to practice. I think it has since turned into a pay site, though.

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