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    Bella 777

    I can’t find the thread that discussed this – why and how São Paulo was founded where it is and how all the rivers got made into avenues, how the urban planning went crazy… but just found this video which is very cool:
    Entre Rios – A urbanizaìßão de São PAulo.
    Sorry – only in portuguese.

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    Bella 777

    Another very cool one – this one in English:
    Brazil in 1943.

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    Nice! Thanks for posting, HalfGringa.

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    My thanks also, Half Gringa.
    People should watch the second film first – a great example of war-period boosterism; and then see it blown away nicely by the very realistic first film. Sao Paulo is certainly facing BIG problems, but I think we’ll muddle through.

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    Hi peter if you read my second last post which is about about Sao Paulo I would be interested in your opinion.

    I would also be interested in a workshop gearing towards actually organising a documantary that would be published after the Olympics, so would be ready to shoot on 2017 and would be about Sao Paulo but to standards even guys like BBC could never get close to.
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    read and read are two confusing words in english that even english are frustated by. We really do need the word, “red” for but that is a color or colour. Or redd but then Reddit would try to sue or something and we would have to get out the Vacuum Cleaner, aka, the hoover. samwat2013-12-09 00:12:03

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    It would be a total study of how cities fail first, like a 3 hour documentary, and it would be immune by this time. If you got involved in it and it was too contentious then you simply know you need plan live somewhere else by 2017.

    You know the city is not going to pull out of this drift its in. It is being passed through but it is not a city. Ants live in the strangest of places. You know that Sao Paulo is a finished city right?
    I only propose that we form a group to study and observe and plan to make a documentary describing its death and how it will finally die. as a “city”.

    samwat2013-12-09 00:19:19

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    …Like Chicago died.

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    Its like if tomorrow a film crew came to me asking if they could film my slow death. I would say to them, “Yeh ok, but your documentary will end up being about the death of Sao Paulo”

    Is that famous measurement dillema from quantum mechanics how they realised can know when and where an electron will be less if you want to know where and more when if you want to know less where.
    I can tell you when and where an electron will be if you care less about where for one minute and then more about when for the other minute. But at the same time these figures are probabilistcally impossible to predict simultaneously.
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    Or redd but then Reddit would try to sue or something and we would have to get out the Vacuum Cleaner, aka, the hoover.

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