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    I’d be curious with all this uproar these days, how many people are throwing in the towel and going someplace else? Even if it’s not your original home?

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    I left Brasil end of January this year, sold my house in Sao Paulo and moved back to Europe. I was fed up with:
    a) traffic and stupid people in Sao Paulo traffic. It really shows the average QI of the Paulistano is really low.

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    b) the increasing amount of my net income going into the private school for my children (even though the government kept robbing my money through income tax, ICMS, …). To get the level of education my children now get in Europe, in Brazil I would have had to stop saving any money toward my retirement and this is just stupid.

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    Sorry but the forum posting needs checking, this is what I get when I try to post a longer text ERROR: Your reply cannot be created at this time.

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