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    I always thought Brazil is a fairly gay friendly location (I assumed lots of lgbt people were killed just because lots of people in general in Brazil are killed) since you can see more openly gay couples, legally gay people have more rights than in the US, and there are plenty of lgbt+ spots.But recently Brazilians have been really disgusting me. There’s that trans woman who was beaten up in prison, that piece of trash Jair Bolsonaro who thinks heterophobia is real, the large amount of people boycotting the current novela because of some stupid kiss, etc etc
    In your guys’ opinions, what country do you find more gay friendly? Brazil or the U.S.?

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    Shockingly, Brazil and the US are both huge countries with diverse populations. In both you have areas where its fully accepted and areas where youd be run out of town.

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    Sorry I should’ve clarified. I’m not asking about places that are obviously outliers like the interior or states like Indiana or Texas, I meant cities like SP, NY, San Francisco, Rio, etc. and also it is possible to compare places with diverse populations, like obviously a group of outspoken evangelicals in Brazil are going to be more homophobic than a group of hippies in Portland, but what about people from favelas compared to lower income neighborhoods in the US, or student populations in SP vs student populations in NYC?

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    It really depends on the city and the place. There has been a lot of discussion about how being gay is more accepted if you are white and rich than if you are a person of color and poor (just like in the US). The trans woman who was beaten by the police was a matter of a dark skinned person and the police wanting to show some muscle in the favela (by beating a trans woman. classy).

    Students and more educated people I think are pretty open minded, and it is nice to see that the media mostly isn’t all “OMG GAY” like it often is in the US. As diversity grows people get more accepting because suddenly (like in my family) cousins are gay, grandkids are lesbian, personally in my family I am amazed at how accepting everyone is despite the fact that they are poor and a mix of country bumpkins and urban pobres. We were on vacation in a coastal town in SP (not in a fancy place, population of about 6,000) and we saw couples of all stripes, which was refreshing.
    I think it is changing. during the election when Felix the Nut started saying homophobic things he alienated a huge swath of the population. Some people will never be gay friendly, and i wouldn’t expect the police to be open minded (just like anywhere else), but I think on the whole it is similar to my experience in the US. There are safer cities and environments and less safe places.

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    Doesn’t speak maybe to homophobia, but there is a shocking tolerance for anti-gay jokes especially involving futebol and São Paulo. I think these sort of jokes have not been accepted for over ten years in the US, here it is very common. That being said racist jokes are very much accepted here too for what it’s worth.

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