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    SpeakToMeEnglish.com will help you improve your spoken English
    for free while using a lot of online free English learning lessons
    that will help you speak English fluently and naturally.
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    Please tell me more about the Kung Fu origins of this teaching method.

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    You once said that writing books isn’t worth it. Well, it’s a gargantuantask, but I did it, and I’m still doing it– working on my 6th one now. I’ve never been this busy before with classes (but I’m thinking about taking on some classes at night to keep me away from the butecos and caxaìßa).
    The most common feedback I get is:
    1 – Seu curso ì© diferenciado mesmo.
    2 – Eu jì° fiz, mas quando eu achei o curso dele, meu inglì™s comeìßou a desenvolver.
    For the first time since I came here, Brazilians learn, and can use,
    – the Present Perfect correctly. This takes a lot of practice, but I haven’t found one person that can’t get it.
    – no more “I have a doubt” – “It’s your TIME!” – “I MADE my homework” – “The building STAY there” – “I LOSE the bus” – “He will CAN TO call FOR you MORE late”, etc.. And a ton of other common Brazilian mistakes; The main focus is really speaking English like a native speaker, including expessions, and not like a Brazilian usually learns.
    The downside:
    Since the course “cobra” the students a lot, anyone who doesn’t have an objective will struggle. But there have only been a few quitters in 2 years running. People that want to learn (have an objective) become addicted and can say the most beautifully grammatically correct things in a very short amount of time.
    The best thing I ever did was write my own books. That said, I have no ideawhat tomorrow brings. I may be really busy today, and nothing next year. We never know. I don’t have the money to try to market something on a national level. (And DO NOT want any employees.)Sometimes I really wonder how these crappy courses were able to become so big so fast.

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    You have a great point- the stuff used here is CRAP- the vast majority written by people who are intermediate English speakers. but the books are colorful and shiny and you have to buy a new one every month. Glad it is working out for you!

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