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    Hi all.
    My situation has gotten really dire and serious. I hope there’s a few souls in here who lives in Sao Paulo, who can help me out.
    I have been desperately trying to find work, but my basic portuguese is keeping a lot of doors closed.
    I am in dire need of any kind of job, I don’t care what or where it is, and the pay.. I need to bring in some sort of income to help out my GF, or our life and all that we fought for will be in vain.
    My qualifications are as follows:
    Baby/Pet sitter
    Tend garden
    Please if you know anyone who could use my help in anything, I would be in your debt if you reffer me!
    Best regards
    Falling John

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    There’s nothing wrong with having themind-set of a young man but one has to be pragmatic at some point. You’re 40years old, have a degree and in your prime [or should be] and yet you’redesperate enough to accept a job as somebody’s pet minder or cleaner? Come onman get a grip! I’m sure that you’re better than that. So why are you doingthis to yourself? Love? Love jumps out the window when debt knocks at the door.Time for plan B.

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    As I stated in the post my situation is dire, and yes I would preffer to find something within my field. But beggars can’t be chosers, especially in this crisis.
    So ye I will swallow my pride, and do whatever it takes to make our situation better.

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    I wouldn’t regard you as a beggar. You are aqualified mature adult trying, in vain, to succeed against unfair odds, astranger in a foreign land, unable to speak the language and thereforedysfunctional. Adding insult to your predicament, Brazil is entering into whatmay be a major long-term recession with corresponding unemployment andinflation levels. Take your girl and get out while the going is good.

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    Argh, hate to agree with esprit here, but you’re in trouble if you’re struggling now and in your prime. The US and other areas are doing pretty well right now, it would be worth heading back and getting your footing and coming back when you’re more prepared. In fact, you might be able to save/learn/prepare during the next few boom years, then come back for a big boom here in a few years.

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