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    I’ve just recently graduated from University in England and have no intentions of living or working in this country and have always had my heart set on working in Brasil after travelling here 3 times. I speak moderate Portuguese although I will soon be embarking on a course to improve that up to intermediate level.
    I was wondering if anyone had any advice on where to find graduate work? I’ve had a look on LinkedIn although it’s largely engineering work which isn’t my speciality.
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    What is your field of study?

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    My degree was in Business & Psychology, I am excellent working with people and have some consulting experience on my placement year. However, where I’m comfortable working is in Marketing.

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    Your first issue is with regard to a getting visa that permits work and residence You would need to find a sponsoring employer who is unable to fulfill a vacant position with a person from the local labour market who has your particular skill set. Realistically, you would need to have relevant experience in your field rather than be a recent graduate. Marketing in Brazil is something of a craze and there are new graduates falling out of the sky.

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    Thank you for the advice.

    A lot of points to seriously consider.
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