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    I’ve been living in Goiania like a year and a half now and don’t have any real girlfriends yet. If any of you live around me… I need a girl to hang with and chit chat with, my husband and I would love to have a couple to go out and do stuff with. I mean I can speak Portuguese but not well enough to hang out and laugh about stuff and have good convos know what I mean?

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    Well I will still be here in 3 years.. unless something changes between now and then that takes me back to the states… which i doubt. I’ll be waitin… Life as a gringo is very challenging. Everything is completely different, but it’s fun. Your transition is going to take a long time, don’t expect to be able to just jump into life… you’re going to need a year to learn the language, learn the foods, slang, driving, weight and measurement differences, temperature change, seasonal differences along with being in different time zones and on the other side of the equator than your family. And the Brazilian culture/way of life is very different. Come with a lot of patience and a very open mind…. Brazilian familes are very very different than what you were raised with. Are you going to visit first? Why 3 years? There’s definately a whole new fun world here and I love it. Are you moving to Goiania or just Brazil in general?

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    Well believe me, get used to the family and try and prepare yourself for an intrusive mother if he allows it. Mine is the same. We’re staying with his mom while we save for our house.. and it’s been a wild ride so far to say the least! She does not let me wash our clothes, she must do everything because she feels like she is the only one who can do it right. I am lucky to get to cook on occassion (even though we buy the groceries). hah. We’ve already had many problems with her doing things with my son without my permission. Prepare… it’s never going to change… she’s wired that way. You will always have family wanting to come over. I’m not working my husband is though. He has his own calhas installtion business. I can’t really work til my Portuguese is better.. and I plan to teach English. Hopefully to grade school children. What neighborhood did you guys stay in when you were here? I cannot wait to get outta here and into our own house somedays I swear I’m going to lose it. But that’s my biggest problem really. Otherwise I looooove it here. The people, culture, food, everything is awesome. Like I said, it just takes some adaptation once you’re here. And if I’m here it’ll be easier for you because I’ll help you with things you need. I’ll have my driver’s license in a few months.. wooohooo!You’re going to love it! I wonder if my husband knows yours? That’d be awesome. I married my husband in the states and we ended up moving like 8 months after my son was born… we had to make a tough decision and leave before we had actually planned to… but it’s working out more and more slowly getting better everyday.

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    Anne do you have facebook by any chance? If so can you message me you email or way to add you?

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    Goainia is a beautiful city with parks & lakes and great shopping centres and now 2 teams in the 1st division I am ot there at the moment, but will be back in the new year. Please people check out Goiania well worth a look.

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    Goiania is a mere 75 years old… and just look at all it’s done and how fast it’s grown up during this time…. look out everyone…

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    [QUOTE=Anne]Oh my word, that would totally do my head in itjchicklet! Are you not being driven to insanity by his mum!??!? So have you been living with his mum for the last 18 months?? I can’t remember the neighbourhood, I’ll ask my husband when he gets home. We’ll be living about 10 mins drive from his parents,it’s in aparecida de goiania, I do remember that. Mansoes Paraiso rings a small bell but I’ll check with him. He bought some land two doors down from his parents and wanted to build our house there, but I said absolutely not, no way, he’d be living there on his own! Would be amazing if you’re there when we go, would be great to have someone english speaking who can show me the ropes and most importantly, has been in the same boat. You’re right about the people there, they are amazing, so friendly and welcoming. And the food is lovely, our good old british bbq just isn’t the same now I’ve had a churrasco (is that the right word!??!) Your son sounds around the same age as my elder daughter (she’s 26 months). How is he getting on there. Anyway, I’ll e mail my facebook name. Hope you’re having a lovely, mother in law free, day![/QUOTE] If your not from here I will have to tell you thats it’s not a good area, infact it is the worse area you can live NEAR Goiania as Aparecida de Goiania is classed as another city allthough it is right beside Goiania and Goiania is swallowing up Aparecida. It is were all the Empregados live, sorry not knocking it, but if your coming from U.S.A. or Europe you will get a big surprise. Best areas to live in Goiania are… Marista Bueno St oeste S.P.Ludovico Park Flamboyant Cidade Jardim or the closed Condos like Alfaville, Jardins Please make sure you check out were in Aparecida as it is not a good area ok. Good luck.

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    you’re forgetting Jardim America

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    you’re forgetting Jardim America I did, sorry very nice place to liveWink

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    Ok Ann I am also British and have lived on /Off in Goiania over 15 yrs and yes the people are freindly, but it does depend on the area in AP for example near to Burriti shopping is close to Bueno so your on the border line and prices there are nearly the same as the rest of the good areas in Goiania, but if you say your going to buy a plot in Tira dente or mansion paraiso then please think again it is very violent area especailly at night. When you talk about a big house thats great as everyone wants their own children to have a big garden to play in and if lucky enough a swimming pool and a plot of land in AP could give you that alot cheaper than the rest of Goiania, but my advice is come for 6 months and rent a place and try it out then you will see what it really is like. Sorry for all the doom and gloom, but if you have a few bob saved then why not buy in a condo like Alfaville or Jardins might be a bit more expensive, but alot more secure especially if you want a house with garden and pool. Just my 2 penny’s worth. P.S. I have my Apt infront of Areio in S.P. Ludovico, only down fall is the ambulances at night going to HUGOCry

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