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    Good day guys,

    I plan to move to Brazil on tourist visa and marry my brazilian gf. After I marry her, I plan to apply for permanent residence card and start looking for jobs. I am not the US citizen and I won’t go through FBI background check (heard it takes couple months). I wonder how long will it take to become a permanent resident? I have read on this website that after I marry, I won’t get deported and there is no reason for me to leave Brazil even after my 90 days tourist visa expires. I also have read that once I marry and my papers get submitted, I can start looking for jobs and possibly get hired (there should be no problems with papers). Is that true?
    Also, let’s say I won’t get my permanent residence in a year. If I have to leave a country, do I enter on tourist visa again?
    this might not be relevant for this particular topic but I am an electrical engineer working in oil and gas field. Have Bachelor of Science from the US school and experience in the US company (quite big one). How hard is it to find a job in Brazil? I don’t speak Portuguese and I plan to take Portuguese classes while I wait for all of the papers to be cleared and etc. I have started learning and slowly I am getting better.
    Thank you.
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